VSA strategy: what happens if you combine levels and volume?

Only a lazy person doesn't know about the "VSA" trading strategy. Everyone has heard about the volumes on the market, and that these volumes can be managed. However, not everyone knows that the VSA strategy allows you to accurately enter the market. How? Read on!

As with most trading systems, in the "VSA" strategy, support and resistance levels are an integral part of the entire trading mechanism. It is at these levels that most often there are corrective price movements, as well as a reversal of the medium-term or even long-term trend.

These levels can also break through, and the price movement will continue to the next level. However, the VSA TC uses more than just support and resistance levels. These levels are related to exchange volumes. Using the relationship between volumes and support/resistance levels, it is possible to predict the upcoming price movement with a high probability.

Let's look at how you can use support/resistance levels and volumes to find a good entry point with minimal risk and good profit potential.

The chart below shows the AUD / USD currency pair on the H1 timeframe, where the number 1 indicates a high volume that "stopped" the price drop. This minimum formed the support level under the number 3. the Number 2 indicates the volume formed when the price re-approaches the support level (3). As you can see, with the repeated approach of the price (testing the support level), the volumes were significantly lower than those that "forced" the price to turn around.

2017 01 05 14 18 15 23661

As a result, the price turned around and made a corrective movement of 1500 pips (5-digit quotes), while the stop order had to be placed below the support level by 100-150 pips. As a result, we got a deal with a risk / profit ratio of at least 1 to 10:

2017 01 05 15 56 09 d4f4e

Now let's look at one of the many cases when the price breaks through the level and continues its movement along the trend.

The chart below shows an example on the EUR/USD currency pair. Figure 3 – the resistance level that the price tried to break through several times on a high volume. Figure 1-breaking through the resistance level at a high volume. After that, we see the number 2-testing the broken level at a low volume. Then the upward trend continued. Just like in the first example, we were able to open a trade with minimal risk and a large profit potential.

2017 01 05 16 37 33 681d7

As you can see, using the support and resistance levels together with the exchange volumes gives the trader very good hints for entering a position.

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