Visionary Forex Strategy for Newcomers

The strategy of the Visionary allows the novice to open profitable deals without conducting a deep analysis of the market - it is enough simply to follow the rules of the TC to increase his account. The strategy belongs to the list of switches, so it is important to install additional software in the folder "MQL4 - indicators" to get the necessary signals.


In order for the trading terminal to use Forex indicators, it is worth downloading and installing the trading strategy template in the folder "templates." After starting the terminal and selecting the currency pair, the trader receives the following picture:


As for the characteristics of the Visionary free forex strategies that work, it is designed for the МТ4 platform, currency pairs can be used any, similarly there are no instructions on the choice of timeframe. So you can trade inside the day as well, for which it is preferable to use the London session, you can capture the beginning of the American session.


How do I enter the market?

The strategy boasts simple entry rules - the deal opens when arrows appear on the main chart. The arrow indicator indicates the opening direction of the transaction, and it is not the only signal, because the arrow must be confirmed by the color of the current trend specified on the indicator Providec_Trend - it is located in the lower part of the screen under the graph. So, if both indicators of the Visionary trading system show the opening of a deal in the same direction, we do the following:


If the arrow is pointing up and the Providec_Trend is painted green, the finish in BUY opens.

If the arrow is pointing down and the Providec_Trend is painted red, we open the deal in SELL.


There is one nuance of the Visionary strategy - it is necessary to enter the market only if the color of the indicator Providec_Trend only changed. If no trend change has been recorded and arrows appear on the screen, then it is worth refraining from entering the market. You can only open a deal without changing the color of the trend indicator if the player missed entering the market by all rules, because the size of Stop Loss was unnecessarily large.


Stop-Loss and Teek-Profit options

In the strategy, the Visionary when opening the SL deal must be exposed below or above the nearby local extremum. At the same time it is worth assessing the size of the resulting Stop Loss, if they are inadequately large, then the deal should be abandoned.


As for Take Rhofit, its value is twice that of SL. Alternatively, the increase factor can be increased to three if the SL value is small.


Important features of strategy

Entry into the market is carried out at the beginning of the opening of the next Japanese candle after the appearance of the indicator-arrow - it is important to wait for the closing of the current bar. If a trader uses the Visionary strategy to trade inside the day, his timeframe is Н1 and the bidding comes in the European and American session. When the American session ends, it is necessary to close all current transactions without paying attention to the available profit or loss.


For start-up traders who have difficulty selecting levels for TR and SL for local extremes, it is recommended to use the SR_Dots indicator - this tool marks the levels of extremes on the terminal, which allows to correctly determine the feasibility of entering the market.


The strategy of the Visionary on Forex is profitable provided that the requirements of mani management are met, that is, for one transaction the player should not risk more than 1-2% of the deposit - the calculation of the lot value can be performed independently by using the calculator.


This trading system is ideal for beginners who do not have sufficient knowledge for independent technical analysis, and therefore the existing shortcomings of the system are offset by its simplicity and accessibility:


The Visionary strategy indicator is markedly late and does not always allow to respond adequately to the market movement.

The technique of setting TP and SL does not always allow the player to profit, especially since beginners often make mistakes in determining the nearest extremes - this disadvantage can be leveled using an additional indicator.

In general, the strategy of the Visionary on Forex is universal and can bring profit on any currency pair regardless of the time interval. At the same time, the trader himself determines the expediency of entering the market, I focus on the current situation. At the same time, the clues provided by the trading strategy allow the trader to individually determine the selectivity of transactions, which also affects the total profit. No one prevents you from choosing the most profitable entry options, so the Visionary trading system has good potential and is extremely understandable to both beginners and experienced traders in the Forex market.

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