Urdala News indicator

Forex 's world, like the rest of the world, holds on to the news. It doesn 't matter whether it 's good news or bad news. The main thing is that they are and know when certain events will take place - the trader simply needs to build his profitable trading strategy.




What is the Urdala News indicator for?



Some traders hate events like Nonfarm Payrolls or the outcome of a US Federal Reserve meeting. After the announcement of their results, the market responds very rapidly, because changes in currency ratios occur by tens and hundreds of points, which does not fit into their trade strategy. Therefore, it is more prudent to leave the market for a while.




Other traders, on the contrary, only wait for these events for the market to start worrying, there were big price changes, on which for several deals it is possible to earn good money. Both need a technical tool that would report on upcoming events in advance, in automatic mode.




You will have no need to start the trading day by scrolling through the calendar of events for today and for the coming days. For you it will do indicator called "Urdala News."




This Forex indicator can be used both independently to report on upcoming events, as well as in the composition of advisers, on the signals of which new deals will be opened or, on the contrary, exit from the market will be carried out.


Setting and Setting the Indicator



The indicator is set in the standard way for the MT4 sales terminal. You can set the indicator here.




The settings are as follows:




Select the currency pairs whose charts show news events.

Display individual categories of news according to their importance.

For each type of news: selecting the color of the line, which allows to quickly identify them in graphs.

Select when to display the event line, before or after the event begins.





Urdala News indicator is simple and accessible in use, settings. It will help you, as a trader, not to forget about the upcoming events, which can significantly affect the state of the market. By adding this trading tool to your arsenal, you get a great opportunity to increase the profitability of your trading positions daily.




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