Turtle strategy is a legendary forex trading strategy

Hello, forex trading strategy! With you Andrei Miklushevsky, trader-analyst of Forex Academy. Especially for you I have prepared another training guide, which will be devoted to the legendary Forex system - the strategy "Turtles."


In due time this system produced a real furor on the market. With confidence it is possible to say that now the strategy "Turtles" enjoys enviable popularity among traders. In our training guide we will try to understand what the uniqueness of this system is, whether it deserves our attention, how to open deals on it and enter into sales, or to leave purchases.


Let us understand together the subtleties of the turtle forex trading strategy to successfully apply it to Forex!

Hello, dear traders! The next training guide will be devoted to a rather interesting topic - Gunn 's theory. This trading method has confused more than one rookie in the Forex market.


Gunn 's theory can be described as identifying price, model, and time ratios. The methodology will also tell you how these ratios affect the financial market. According to Gunn 's Theory, price, model, and time are seen as key elements in predicting future market movement. At the same time, each element of the Theory has its own settings.

Each of you, traders, faced loss-making transactions in the foreign exchange market - someone limited to losing a small part of the deposit, and someone at all leaked it all. And, for all the appeal of Forex, it is the fused deposits that are the main reason for leaving him. I want to offer you a solution to this problem - Hedging Strategy.


Many forex trading strategy are already using any way to protect themselves from loss, but again, there is often a new problem - not all trade strategies and methods can be applied.


Imagine you 're using a trading system, but you found it better. You start trading with her, but here you drain your deposit because you couldn 't protect yourself banally. Of course, it is at least unpleasant, because the drain could be avoided using Hedging - a universal strategy that applies to absolutely any method of trade.


However, the main advantage is that Hedging gives you variation in your actions - you will be able to protect yourself in exactly the way that will be most attractive to you.


Hello, dear forex trading strategy! My name is Victor Brel, I 'm a Forex Academy trader. Today I would like to tell you about Gambit 's strategy, which for many can be a discovery.


The Gambit strategy is built on Bollinger tapes. The methodology has rather subjective rules for supporting transactions, as well as entering the market, which will lead to various results, so this strategy is unlikely to be profitable for beginners. "Gambit" is best suited to already experienced traders.


It would also be worth paying attention to the fact that there will be very few signals on this strategy, so many switch to Н4 or try to trade on several currency pairs. However, it is necessary that these currency pairs are not correlated with each other, otherwise we will receive many identical signals. Either equally correct or equally wrong.


Want to know how to use the Gambit strategy in practice?

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