Trend forex trading strategy

Trategia is quite profitable, but requires enough patience.

The forex trading strategy system itself consists of two moving averages with a period of 233 with the Simple calculation method with the only difference that the first calculation applies to high and the second to low.


Now as for settings. When you create the first moving midline that applies to high, in the Levels tab, you must create 4 levels at 150, 890, 1440,2330 (if the quotes are shown with five decimal places). The first level 150 will be a kind of filter against false signals for purchase. The other three levels will be profit fixing levels.


When you create a second sliding line, you create exactly the same levels, only with a minus at the beginning. These levels are created to search for sales signals.


Now as for entering the deal. It is recommended to enter with three equal orders. As you could already understand, the entry into the purchase transaction will be made after a true level 150 break. Taik is a pro put on the other three levels. As for the stop loss level, it is recommended to set it to -150, that is, the transaction will close with a loss when there is a signal for sale.


To enter directly for sale, you must wait for a true -150 punch. Teikprofit is put on three other levels, stop loss is put on level 150.

This forex trading strategy works on the main currency pairs, the best time frame for trade will be the period from m30 to Н4.




Fibonacci forex trading strategy


Many have heard about trade with Fibonacci levels, but few have started using this tool in their Fibonacci forex trading strategy. In this article, you 'll learn how to use levels and earn money.


The standard level grid consists of 23.6%, 38.2%, 50.0%, 61.8% levels. If you didn 't guess, the percentages indicate the correction ratio to the total range length. The grid is stretched when a correction begins after a long clear trend.


After we notice this situation, there are 3 options for entering the deal, entering from different levels. The most aggressive input will be the input from 23.6% correction, as very often the price does not notice this level. The more conservative level will be 38.2%. At this level, the probability of a bounce increases by one and a half times. The level of teak profit is desirable to put at level 23.6%, or at level 0.


The most reliable but least likely input will be an input from level 50.0. In this case, the best risk-to-profit ratio is formed, but the price is rarely adjusted to this level. Stop put for level 61.8, teak profit put at level 23.6.


In case the price after correction to any of the levels the price cannot break the previous level and bounced from it, the transaction should be closed immediately.


So can the situation where the price has adjusted to 61.8. In this case, care must be taken for two reasons:


First, the very big risk of suffering losses and losses is considerable, the risk management does not work, and second, if the price breaks this level, it is possible to open the opposite deal, as it is possible to safely say that the correction has developed into a new trend.

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