Trading advisors: top-z. Review from the Forex Academy

More useful information from the Forex Academy! Especially for our students, we have prepared a new type of information materials-digests of strategies, indicators and trading robots! Our reviews will help You to better navigate the variety of trading instruments in the Forex market and choose for themselves the best!

Hello, traders! My name is Evgeny Kachalov, I am a trader-analyst at the Forex Academy. Today I have prepared for You the top 3 expert advisors that perfectly accelerate the Deposit. Are you ready? Then let's get started!
Generic Expert Advisor

The Generic adviser is a representative of both conservative and aggressive styles. Switching between these styles occurs by increasing the position volume, as well as enabling a dynamic lot. The robot trades exclusively at night Moscow time immediately after the American session, at the beginning of the Australian trading session and the first hours of the Asian session. The time settings can be easily changed to suit Your needs.

We will immediately indicate the overclocking limits. But, what are we going to call Deposit overclocking? Let's start from increasing the Deposit several times. I will tell you more about the methods and tactics of overclocking at my special course on automatic trading.

The algorithm of the Generic expert Advisor is based on the rebound from the boundaries of the Bollinger channel, the CCI indicator serves as a confirmation factor. There is also a limit on the allowed spread and unexpected slippage is taken into account. I will present a couple of back-tests, and you can compare the results and comment on them from Your point of view.

On the test, you will see the GBP/CHF currency pair. From the initial Deposit of$ 1000 for two years, the adviser showed a profit of 55700% with a maximum drawdown of 21%:

1 55195

Test of the EUR/CHF currency pair. From the initial Deposit of$ 1000 for two years, the adviser showed a profit of$ 21243 with a maximum drawdown of 20.58%:

2 2e7ef
Newshunterfxspeed Advisor

This expert Advisor is focused on accelerating the Deposit in a short period of time. NewsHunterFXSpeed has an advanced version of volume filtering and an additional "SL%" function, which to some extent simulates the system when:

only a certain amount is used for overclocking;
when draining, you fill in the same amount for overclocking.

For example, we have $ 500. We Deposit $ 100 to our broker's account, and if we drain it, we add $ 100 to the account again. So, we have 5 attempts to disperse the Deposit to 1000 dollars. For example, all this simulates " SL%". If you "pour" all 500 dollars to the broker and put the parameter 80 in" SL%", then exactly the same situation will happen.

The expert Advisor works on the Euro / dollar and uses the locking principle. I will show you the robot test for 2015: from$ 1000 to$ 100,000 with a drawdown of 65.69%.

3 f82ba
Robot VDT-V1. 1

Someone calls this robot the Grail. To see how the algorithm actually works, read the results of its trading. The tests are a bit old, but they are impressive. This expert Advisor is not easy to find in the public domain. VDT-V1. 1 allows you to accelerate hundred-dollar deposits:

4 05578

5 f5ad8

Of course, there are many other trading robots that are also able to disperse the Deposit. Do you want to learn about them, as well as about automatic trading in General? Then I invite You to join the starting group for the special course "Automatic trading". Classes will start next Monday, December 5! During 8 lessons, we will analyze different trading advisors, their working principles, as well as all the features of automatic trading! This will be a really interesting course, after which you will forget about the long and routine analysis on the foreign exchange market. This course is for those who value their time and at the same time want to earn money on Forex!

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