TOP 4: the Most severe levels of prices in the Forex market!

Price levels are one of the most common topics in Forex. Almost all traders are interested in it. After all, it is known that any pattern or setup works better near the key levels.

Moreover, we recommend that our students at the Forex Academy trade only from key levels to improve their performance. But, how to build these levels correctly? Which levels are strong and which ones are best ignored? These are the most frequently asked questions. This is why the Forex Academy has compiled a list of the four strongest price levels for You.

Many people believe that the strength of a level depends on the more the price touches it, but in fact, such a level has no power. The stronger the level, the stronger the impulse from it. The presence of momentum from a certain price zone indicates that aggressive purchases or sales started from that place, which usually indicates that there is a large interest in this zone. As retail traders, we are always looking for a major player, because only their entry or exit from the market can have a serious impact on the price.
Tius Level

The strongest level is considered to be Tius (Total Impulse Level is Strong). It is built on D1 by the bodies of candles, and then corrected by the bodies on H1.

The construction principle is as follows:

Use the minimum / maximum of the market.

min max 2444d

The zone from which the local minimum or maximum is broken through;

tius 96fc2
The level of TIU

Next in strength is the Total Impulse Level (TIU), which is defined on the timeframe as H1.

The build will look like this:

The price came to the level, fought back, broke through the momentum;

tiu1 a4a8f

You can also use TIU to indicate zones from which the price received a strong impulse in the opposite direction.

tiu 2 b5b7e
URST level

After the TIU is the URST level (The level of a sharp change in the trend)- building on the H1 timeframe.

It is worth noting one important property of this level: it is disposable (i.e., as soon as there was a reaction to it, we remove it).

urst 3b296
The key level MDE

Next comes the MRZ (or modified u-turn zone).

MRZ is a place of changing trends. The trend, in turn , is a set of impulse levels that we look at on the M5 timeframe.

mrz ae0d2

All of the above price levels are successfully used in the "Sniper" trading strategy. The Forex Academy is engaged in training on a unique special course, which is just dedicated to this trading strategy. So You have a great opportunity to get into training and learn even more about price levels and how to trade them. It's stupid not to take this chance!

Having studied the key levels, you will not be afraid of any market situation: You can enter the market both on the trend and against it. Flat is no longer a hindrance!

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