"Tom Williams. The owners of the markets," review of trader

Have you ever thought about how the crowd is manipulated in the market? How do big players earn money from You? Especially for You, I have prepared a review of what I think is the best book dedicated to major players-the owners of markets.

Good day, dear traders! My name is Viktor Brel, I am a trader-analyst at the Forex Academy. Today I want to discuss with You a book that really opens your eyes to many things - "Masters of the markets" by Tom Williams.

Tom Williams is a great financial analyst who has an out-of-the-box mindset that differs from that of most traders. We can safely say that this man is a genius with a very extensive knowledge of financial markets. He is a follower of the Wyckoff method, based on tracking trading volumes and price behavior. This method was published in the 20s of the last century. The interpretation of Tom Williams made changes to this method, and then was adapted to the modern market. But the essence remains the same-the relationship between volume and price.

Tom Williams 'book" Masters of markets " includes the results of large-scale research, which is an indicator and proof that financial markets can not be described by a single mathematical formula, or a set of formulas.

If you want to improve your trading skills, look at the financial markets from a different perspective, in other words, learn to think like big players, then Tom Williams 'book" Masters of the markets " is what you need. The book deals in detail with the psychology of trading. How large market participants, manipulating the price, provoke the crowd to make unprofitable transactions and lose money. You will learn when "smart money" comes into play, how to recognize, see their intentions, open deals in the same direction with financial sharks and, as a result, make a profit.

The book" Masters of the markets " by Tom Williams is considered one of the best manuals that allow you to take a large-scale look at the global financial markets, understand the rules by which You will start making profitable trades. In his book, Tom Williams describes the principles of price-volume interaction in a very accessible language. How to determine the interests of major players with the greatest accuracy based on the analysis of these two components.

The analysis method described in this book is called Volume Spread Analysis (VSA), which means "spread and volume Analysis"in Russian. According to Tom Williams, big players, in the process of making deals, leave behind traces. It is the analysis of the market, namely the combination of price and traded volume, that allows you to see these traces and make profitable trades with minimal risk and a large profit potential.

I recommend that everyone read Tom Williams 'book" Masters of the markets", it will really significantly increase Your knowledge of trading, as well as improve your performance in trading.

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