Strategy Winning on Forex is an example of successful

This TS implies trading us small TF, as the price on such schedules actively moves and allows the player to get his several points profit in a short period of time. The pace of trade is high, and therefore it is important for the player to quickly make decisions about entering/leaving the market. That is why such TS are designed, if not for professionals, then for traders with decent baggage of experience.


The Victory on free forex strategies that work, a successful short-term trade option, is no exception to this rule. Such a TS has shown itself well on small time frames of volatile markets, for example, on a pair of euros/dollar. A competent approach to the implementation of the trade strategy will allow to earn more than a hundred percent of the initial deposit in a month, at least, so the author claims. In general, the tests show good results, especially if traded during the European and early American sessions. Recommended TF: M1 and M5, but currency pairs can be any, although the author recommends EUR/USD.


Trade Strategy Package Victory

The vehicle is designed for the МТ4 terminal, so that the package of indicators and advisers will have to be loaded into the program:


1. The TMA indicator is the base for the Victory on free forex strategies that work, its lines draw a channel for putting up deals. What is important to consider to the trader:


The digital values of the drawn lines inform the distance from the border to the current price readings. I focus on such data, simply determine the expediency of entering the market. The fact is that the recommended value of the profit from one transaction in the TS is 5 points, the closing of the transaction should be completed within the working channel. So if the reading of the digital indicator at the upper channel border does not reach 5, it is worth refraining from entering the market, similarly the deal on SELL will not be opened if the figure at the lower line is less than 5 - this condition is important, but not the only in the strategy Victory on Forex.

TMA Size CTF allows to identify the width of the working channel - this indicator should be wider than 10 points. It is worth taking into account the figures available under this indicator, as they correspond to the current price: the red color of the inscription indicates a decrease in the price, accordingly, the green - about growth.


Currency Power Meter allows you to estimate the strength of currency pairs. Data visualization is presented in the form of strips of different thickness: a thin strip shows currency strength on the lower TF, while a thick strip shows force placement on the current TF. These parameters can be changed in the settings of the Victory trading system.

The date, spread value, and time before the plug ends simplify the trader 's orientation.

2. SSRC_MT. The SSRC indicator is located in a separate window and informs about the optimal time to enter the market. Its data provide information about the current situation in both the working and junior TF.


3. HP_DIFF indicator. Localized to the bottom of the screen and provides an additional signal to exit the market.


4. Master Money Bot. The indicator automatically calculates the value of the maximum lot - it is relevant for aggressive scalping strategy on the М1 in the trade system Victory (parameters can be changed manually).


5. Adviser of VE_AIMS. Designed to modify warrants.


6. DDSMM_instant. The advisor automatically outputs Stop Loss and Teek Profit according to the parameters entered by the user.


Rules of Trade on the Strategy Victory on Forex

With regard to opening deals, entry into the market in BUY is determined by the following rules:


The TMA channel on the М1 timeframe is arranged horizontally or oriented upwards.

The drawn channel is wider than 10 points.

The price chart is approaching the lower boundary of the working channel and a reversal is planned.

The arrow must SSRC_MTF be pointing up.

Currency Power Meter shows euro strength over dollar.

We look at the chart at TF М5. The price should be approaching the lower boundary of the channel. Otherwise, the deal as part of the Victory on free forex strategies that work should be refrained from.

If all conditions are valid, we enter BUY with parameters SL = 15 points and TP = 5 points.

Entering SELL is relevant under the following conditions:


TMA channel on TF = M1 is located horizontally or oriented downwards.

Distance between channel boundaries - from 10 points.

The price chart is closer to the upper boundary of the TMA-channel and a price reversal is planned.

The arrow of the SSRC_MTF indicator in the strategy Victory on Forex is directed down.

The Currency Power Meter indicator shows the superiority or equality of forces of the dollar and the euro.

Watch the chart on the М5 timeframe. The price should be the upper part of the channel, if it is closer to the lower border of the channel, it is worth refraining from the deal.

If all conditions are met, we open the position in SELL with parameters SL = 15 points and TP = 5 points.


Some nuances scalping on Forex on strategy Victory

Trade under the presented trade strategy will be successful in meeting the following additional rules:


It is necessary to refrain from transactions during the release of important news. We stop trading 20 minutes before the scheduled release of the news and do not play another 20 minutes after.

If there is a desire to increase the reliability of deals in trade on the strategy Victory on Forex, it is worth paying attention to the indicator of SSRC_MTF. His arrows on the M1 and M5 must show the same direction, meaning that for opening the BUY deal it is important that the arrows are pointed up and for the SELL deal down.

Questions at the trader may be caused by the ratio of loss stops to the teak profit, because initially the loss stop is three times the potential profit. In fact, it is possible not to leave the deal upon reaching a profit of 5 points, as stated in the rules of the trading system Victory. To stay in the market, it is worth using additional signals, including reaching the opposite boundary of the channel. As an option, it is possible to focus on changing the color of the HP_DIFF indicator: the exit from the SELL deal is carried out when changing the red color to blue, the BUY deal has exhausted itself when changing the blue color of the HP_DIFF to red. If desired, it is possible to use a trailer foot to press the profit achieved.

At first glance, the strategy Victory on Forex does not seem simple and understandable, which is facilitated by a large number of indicators and advisers, especially since for trade it is necessary to monitor the situation on two time frames at the same time. However, the use of multiple screens is typical of other successful trading systems. So it is worth clearly implementing the proposed trading rules, which will allow to get a good result. For the first time such a system appeared in 2012, and therefore quite tested by time and constantly receives positive reviews. Strategy Victory on Forex is quite capable of becoming a secret of profitable trade for you.

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