Strategy of Genesis Matrix

This strategy has a rich history. The image was the famous Symphonie Trader, who in his time only lazy did not scold for the fact that indicators on history are redrawn. In Genesis Matrix, this flaw was eliminated while retaining all the best of the Symphonie Trader. The strategy is freely available, so it is definitely worth considering better.


Preparation for trade

The vehicle is completely indicative, and is based mainly on user indicators. After downloading the required files in the archive in addition to them, you will find a file with a template, it will be necessary to manually install myforex indicators. Installation of indicators standard.


The Genesis Matrix forex trading strategy uses several indicators:


2 standard Stochastic indictors with parameters 11, 3, 3. One shows what happens on the 5-minute graph and the other shows what happens on the M15.

Heiken Ashi - transforms the standard graph by smoothing the noise.

EMA indicator with period 5.

Pivot Points, the lines you see on the chart are used as benchmarks in trading.

The Genesis Matrix forex trading strategy uses the same indicator, it displays data from several indicators - TVI indicator, T3 indicator, CCI indicator, GannHilo indicator.

Pro Arrows is a regular arrow, and draws arrows in the graph that indicate the direction of entry. Trade can be done without it. Conveniently, it is "sewn" alert, so the trader will hear a sound. If the signal is qualitative, the arrows lag a maximum of 1-2 Japanese candles, so for forgetful traders it is not a bad reminder. Without an alert in Arrows, Genesis Matrix 's strategy will not be able to report the signal in any way.


Initially, the Genesis Matrix weekly trading system and its proobraz were created under trade during the London session. So the optimum result is achieved on couples of CGB/USD, EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, AUD/USD.


It can be applied not only on 5-minute graphs, just have to carry with the settings of indicators. In particular, you will have to change the TimeFrame setting in the MTF_Stochastic. If you work, for example, on a Н1, it must display data from at least a 4-hour schedule.


You can customize each of the Forex strategy indicators. In Genesis parameters "sewn" the settings of 4 indicators, the indicators of which it displays in a separate window.


Genesis Matrix Strategy Signals

Let 's look at the rules in the sales example. It is necessary that:


The chart crossed the EMA from top to bottom and closed at a moving average;

The 5-minute Stochastic emerged from the overbooking zone.

By default, overbought/resale zones are set to 80/20. Changing them makes no sense, when setting values, for example, 70/30 get an abundance of false signals, and 90/10 vice versa - will force you to miss most of the deals.


The 15-minute Stochastic should be directed in the direction of the deal. In our case, both lines must be tilted downward;

On Genesis Matrix indicator cubes in all 4 lines must be red;

As an additional signal can act as a withdrawal price from one of Pivot levels.

Arrows indicator signals are used as additional signals. Often the arrow is formed already on the second-third candle after all previous conditions have been fulfilled.


In the example, the resulting signal is amplified by the fact that the price is pushed back from the Pivot level and at the time of execution of all the signals described, an arrow from the Arrows indicator appears. It was possible to increase the lot slightly compared to the usual trade.


The Genesis Matrix strategy stop loss is billed as the nearest local maximum/minimum. As a reference for the display of teak-profit it is possible to accept the nearest Pivot level, but the authors themselves recommend the use of trailer-stop.


The authors for EUR/USD recommend to activate the trawl after the price has passed in a profitable direction of at least 20 points (this value is calculated on the basis of an average volatility of 80 points). This value can be recalculated based on the 20-day volatility of the selected asset.


For example, if the price for 20 days passes per day on average 100 points, the size of the trawl can be recalculated according to the formula 100 x 20/80 = 25 p.


The transaction should be closed manually if the opposite signal is generated or all 4 squares on the Genesis indicator have changed color to the opposite. You can also focus on round levels, support/resistance lines, etc.


Genesis Matrix 's strategy sometimes allows you to enter the market on the eve of a strong trend, so the use of a trailer foot is preferable.


Strategy modification

The version of strategy 2.21 is discussed above, but a more modern version of Genesis Matrix can also be found on the network. The rules remain the same, only the Genesis indicator changes, and a new ASCT Trend indicator is added.


The only difference is that in the Genesis indicator, white is replaced by blue, but ASCT is built on the basis of Arrows.


Besides, it shows data at once with 2 time intervals - with M5 (i.e. duplicates readings of Arrows indicator) and with M15. That is, you can "unload" the main schedule a little and remove the shooter from it.


Genesis Matrix Features

The vehicle has a couple of features that must be taken into account in the work:


Trade should only be during hours of high volatility. In the quiet market false signals go one after the other, the vehicle is not adapted for trading in the flash.


myforex Genesis Matrix strategy does not recommend taking in signals at which the price has moved too far away from the moving average. This suggests that most of the movement has already passed and a rollback is possible. We ignore the signal and wait for the next one.

If the 5-minute Stochastic is out of the resale/overbought zone, but moves almost horizontally, without a pronounced inclination, then the signal is treated with a check. Although the Genesis Matrix strategy does not require this, it is better to ignore or enter a smaller lot than usual.

The strategy also works well on senior timeframes. You can change the settings of both Stochastics slightly, for example, the settings 13, 5, 3 are suitable for the hour time interval. If the Genesis Matrix indicator is left unchanged, the vehicle still gives good signals.


If you work on a strategy on clock schedules and higher time intervals, signals will not be formed so often. But it 's even more convenient, you 'll have to spend less time at the monitor screen.



The Genesis Matrix strategy is designed to run on small time intervals and allows you to earn well through pulse price movements. The idea turned out to be so attractive that traders began to use it not only in the Forex market, but also to work with binary options (and not only on 5-minute schedules).


The only condition is to comply exactly with the rules of the strategy. Many indicators are used, so if you start to disregard the rules, the efficiency of the vehicle will decrease significantly.

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