Strategy of Caesar

Caesar 's forex trading strategy shows itself quite well on almost any instrument. The only thing to consider in the trading process is the volatility of the instrument and its trending. Next, on the basis of these data, it is necessary to begin to adjust entry points and profit fixing points.


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Today we want to tell you how Caesar 's trade strategy works. Caesar 's trading strategy can be used on any currency pairs, however, the time frame must be selected at least D1. We will need to set several indicators on myforex price chart:



Advanced ADX.


The Advanced ADX differs from the classic ADX indicator only in the way of information flapping, but its construction principles and trade signals remain the same.


Caesar 's trading strategy is best suited for medium-term Forex traders. In working with this Forex strategy, we will use the EMA indicator to determine the trend direction, and ADX will indicate the strength of the trend. In the ADX indicator we will set levels 20 and 50, they will help to learn about the trend at the moment of its inception, as well as tell about its completion. When the price in the ADX indicator drops below 20 and spends some time there, for us it will be a sign of readiness to form a new long-term trend line. Remembering the foundations of technical analysis, we know that the signal of a change in the existing trend will be the intersection of the price, the moving average - in our case it is ЕМА21. But we also know that the price can circle around EMA long enough, crossing it in different directions.


When the histogram of the Advanced ADX indicator drops below 20, it indicates that the indicators are sparse and the price is ready for directional movement. As a rule, the entry of the histogram into the zone below 20 is preceded by low volatility and lateral trend. The price accumulates forces by reminding a spring ready to unwind and shoot to new local highs. To enter the market, Caesar Forex 's strategy requires several conditions:


Caesar Forex 's strategy involves a change in the trend at the time the price crosses the EMA indicator, and leaving the zone below 20 indicates that the price is ready for directional movement and the end of the lateral trend.


Caesar forex trading strategy is capable of turning even an aspiring trader into a currency exchange emperor. Here the main thing is to strictly observe the rules of entry into the market. When a position is to close, myforex strategy does not set clear rules. We will proceed from the opposite and close the position if:


Price crossed the EMA in the reverse direction of the open deal;

The histogram of the Advanced ADX indicator has changed its color;

Advanced ADX reached level 50;

Advanced ADX crossed level 50 bottom-up.


So you learned how Caesar 's trade strategy works. However, we would like to remind you that the decision to enter the market, on a case-by-case basis, is made by you yourself. Sometimes the price can move towards the opposite open position, on such days, as a rule, you should be sure of yourself and your weekly trading system. Since we operate on daytime (or weekly) timeframes, such movements can reach several hundred points. You need to be able to wait for a good moment and profit from a deal - it 's as important as having a clear trading system. The trade strategy under consideration has shown good results on historical testing. You only have to filter out false signals, and then choose those that will bring maximum profit.


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