Strategy No Stress

This article examines the No Stress forex trading strategy, involving serene and orderly bidding with high returns. The strategy calls for a trader 's commitment to one rule - to preserve and multiply funds.


Idea in Strategy Base

Surely you had the chance to pay attention to the greatest trends in the charts of H4 and D1, the duration of such in some is calculated months. It would seem that there is an opportunity to take a huge number of points for entry - acquire and expect. But everything is not so simple - trends can turn sharply and beat out the trader, or more precisely his position. It is difficult enough to take such movements.


A system like No Stress is really focused on capturing these biggest price moves over long-term periods. The forex trading strategy allows you to determine the best entry points in positions with a low probability of being knocked out by the market.


Installation of necessary tools

Now we are directly involved in the concept. The system is installed as usual. First expand the terminal, select File, and then click Open Data Catalog. Extract the archive with the strategy to this directory. Next, you need to restart the terminal. When the algorithm is installed, add the myforex indicator set as standard by installing the template on the selected graph.


The template includes 6 trading tools, which provide high efficiency:


The NB-channel forms a channel based on recent highs and lows. This indicator is used to establish the trend in exchange rate.

The FL11 indicator is non-standard fractals. Provides pointers in the form of yellowish circles with reddish or blue outline - they are called absolute sun. Other fractals (in the absence of framing) are less substantial, but are also applied in the system.

$hah - indicator of transaction indicator. Everything is easy - the presence of a green signal reports the need to make a purchase, and the presence of red signals the possibility of selling the asset.

SSRC oscillator. Attention is paid to the areas of resale and overbought. If the signal line is above the zero mark - considered as an additional signal for sale, if below it - we will look for entry points in the short.

There are also components in the visual equipment of the system with an additional advisor to the ProTrader. The panel of this tool is used to install stop flaps.

At the corner of the graph at the bottom there is a window indicating the current spread and nominal size of the lot.


No Stress forex trading strategy Principles

The base time frame is H4. The transaction follows two warrants, not one but identical volume. First we wait for absolute sunshine at the H4 time frame. Next we look at the channel slope being directed to the appropriate side of the intended operation. Then, the $hah indicator should signal in red (for shorts) or green (for longs).


SSRC is located in the area of repurchase (if sales are considered) or resale (for purchase purposes).


The transaction procedure for the transaction is presented as follows:


There was an absolute "sun" on the H4 chart.

Channel inclination is made towards assumed position.

$hah painted in the tone of the corresponding transaction (greenish = purchase, reddish = sales).

The SSCR is located in the opposite direction of the allowed operation. In case a purchase is considered, the signal line must be UNDER zero and ABOVE zero if down deals are considered.

After that, when all requirements are met without exception, we switch to the D1 time frame. The final FL11 signal must be the same as on the H4. In case the daily time frame does not contain the absolute sun, but the sun of correction, it is an inappropriate signal and do not enter the operation.

To expose stop loss, search the preceding full sun for an appropriate trend and set stop loss for it. Certainly, stop loss can reach large sizes, however on the other hand, both potential profit and time of stay in the deal will be appropriate.


Entry into the deal is executed by two warrants, from which it is necessary to get rid by separation. In order to close the 1st warrant, the following requirements must be met:


There was an absolute or corrective sun of the return trend.

$hah indicates a signal (color) to the opposite operation.

The SSRC indicator is located in the negative direction from our direction. If the deal was opened into a long one, the area of overbought will be negative, if a short position was opened - then the area of resale.


The question arises, what to do next with another warrant? First of all we should wait for absolute sunshine in reverse direction from us in H4, then we wait for absolute sunshine in D1. Then, expect on weekly and monthly charts it is the same phenomenon.


You can then close the second warrant. This is a rather long-term and conservative option to close the position. However, it is also possible to cover the transaction when a complete reverse signal occurs.


Market weekly trading system Tips

A situation is allowed where there is a good additional signal to enter the position at the best cost. If such situations occur, you can add to the part. Since the hold period is quite huge, certain carrie weekly trading system components can be used. In such a case, it makes sense to open transactions only to the extent that the transaction can generate additional profit in the form of a positive swap. In this way, you can generate additional income to the main profit of the position.


The basics of money management are the following rules: 1% of the total deposit per warrant and accordingly 2% for the entire transaction. In such a case, there are a total of 2 warrants 2% of the risks. For the purpose of mechanical payment of the lot, the creator of the system uses the known ProTrader utility. Alternatively, an item microculator may be used.



First of all, we mark the emergence of absolute sunshine with reddish framing - a sign that it is possible to consider the deal for sale. Then, look at the slope of the canal. If the slope of the channel is concentrated downstream, this is further confirmation for our intended position. Then, wait for the $hah red pointer, and the SSRC will move to the overbought zone (rise above the zero mark). As soon as these requirements are met, we switch to the schedule with the time frame D1.


The last absolute sun in the D1 must correspond to the direction of our intended operation. If the requirement is met, we enter the operation with two warrants. To set the loss stops again we move to the time period of H4. The protective stop order is set behind the last main fractal on the chart (absolute sun) of this trend (without relying on the control fractal).


To close the first transaction, we need to ensure that three circumstances are observed:


emergence of the return fractal;

$hah repainted greenish;

SSRC is located in the area of resale - below zero.

After the closure of the first warrant, the second one is moved to the break-even.


The second position will be eliminated in case of absolute sunshine in timeframes H4, D1, W1 and MN. In that case, the final absolute sun on each of these TFs must be directed back from our position.


Alternatively, we cover the operation according to the full return signal. In such a case, we first examine the convergence of circumstances in the H4 schedule. Then the presence of absolute sunshine in the D1.


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