Strategy Infinity Forex

The Infinity strategy forex trading is essentially a channel system based on the Center of Gravity indicator, which is an improved equivalent of the Bollinger band indicator. As a signal for purchase or implementation in it is the moment of crossing at the cost of channel boundaries. The Candle Average indicator is also used in parallel to filter false signals.


Trading activities using Infinity strategy in forex trading are carried out on the Н4 time frame. And, it is possible to use any of the currency pairs, which certainly refers to the main advantages of the trade strategy.


Purchase items (entering the long position) are opened when the Japanese candle touches the lower boundary of the Center of Gravity indicator channel, indicated by a solid green line. The Forex Candle Average indicator must not exceed -0.81.


Items for sale (entry to the short position), in turn, open at the moment when the candle touches the upper boundary of the Center of Gravity indicator channel, indicated by a solid line of red. The Candle Average indicator should be above 0.81.


Closing deals in Infinity 's strategy using a trailer foot. In addition, the direct author of strategy forex trading says that Stop Loss is not necessary due to the high degree of confidence in the quality of the system. But at the same time, practice suggests that it is always much more profitable to take additional measures and insure yourself to avoid unnecessary risks and too much loss or a full deposit drain. An alternative to a foot in this case may be a scrap, which is a deferred order in reverse for the amount of the open position.


If you analyze Forex Infinity 's channel strategy during its use, you can see that the price does not often reach the channel boundaries, which are formed by solid lines. That is why traders should show cold blood and restraint. If the crossing does occur, it undoubtedly suggests that the currency has been repurchased (in case of crossing the upper border) or resold (in case of crossing the lower border). Therefore, by opening the warrant in the opposite direction, the trader will receive income at an extremely low risk.


The creator of the Infinity forex trade system himself advises to use timeframe Н4, but practice shows that the strategy in forex trading works well with other time intervals.


Closing the position is most advantageous by hand, at the moment the price reaches the top or bottom lines marked with a wide dashed line. On them it is possible to open warrants, which will allow to increase the number of deals. This is due to the fact that the price rarely reaches the limits of the channel. In case the trader opens on Sell on the upper red dotted line, and the price continues to go up and reaches the solid line, it is worth opening an additional Forex order for sale due to the fact that the price is likely to make a reversal and head in the opposite direction, that is, down. It is possible to select the foot level and set it equal to half the channel, namely the distance from the midline to the most solid. It is placed down or up from solid lines.


In order to understand as clearly as possible the strategy of Infinity described, we will summarize the above and highlight the main points concerning the strategy, which define it and which need to be taken into account in the decision-making:


Forex Infinity refers to channel indicator strategies.

When working with the strategy, the indicators Center of Gravity (acts as a signal for entering the market at the moment of crossing the price of one of its extreme borders) and Candle Average (acts as a filter sorting false signals) are used.

Any currency pairs will be suitable.

Any is used таймфрейм. Recommended items include Н4.

Trading operations with Forex Infinity are carried out on a 24-hour basis.

Despite the 100% reliability of the strategy declared by the creator, additional safety measures should be taken to avoid too much loss.

Overall, Forex Infinity strategy is among the most robust and successfully used by many Forex currency market bidders. Of course, initially a reliable brokerage office is needed, but it is also worth adhering to the basic principles of the strategy. Beginner traders will need some time to master the subtleties of working with Forex Infinity 's strategy, but ultimately it is able to guarantee a very good result with competent handling. The main thing is to observe the rules of its use and not to neglect the insurance.

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