Strategy forex trade system Return

A return is a simple forex trade system with which it is possible to receive about 100 to 130 points of profit every day. It is unusual that this strategy does not involve the use of indicators, and traders have to rely on price values.


To make the most effective use of this strategy forex trading in trading, it is better to choose a broker with a Metatraider terminal. This choice has its own features not only in the form of quite rare trade transactions, but also a significant plus in the form of their good profitability.


Analyzing schedules of the currency pairs including such as euro/US dollar, the English pound/US dollar, dollar of the USA / Swiss franc it is possible to reveal the certain regularity which is expressed that of a period from 11 in the evening to 3 of o'clock in the morning of Moscow time it is characteristic small флэт which amplitude of price fluctuations is from fifteen to forty points. An explanation for this can be found in the fact that most of the world 's stock markets are closed at this time. Of course, this specificity can be used in trading operations.


In addition, it should be said that the analogue of similarity with currency pairs is currency futures or contracts, which are traded on two exchanges: Pit (work session is held from 16.20 to 23.00 Moscow time) and GLOBEX (work session is held from 2.00 Moscow time). Accordingly, during the above-mentioned time interval from 23:00 to 2:00, these markets do not operate. From all this, the pattern of the need to adjust its activities to futures exchanges is derived.


Forex 's "Return" strategy in forex trading is based on the closure of the candle on the Н1 at 23:00 Moscow time and its subsequent opening at 23:01 (named "price target"). Said levels are equal to each other. Thus, the Pit futures market ends its trade at 23:00 Moscow time, after which the price of closing the Forex market (Sett) begins to form.


Considering the emerging situation in one example in the form of a euro/US dollar currency pair, provided that either pair needs its own adjustment due to different price fluctuations, it is possible to draw up approximately the following algorithm.


At 23:01 Moscow time, the trader places eight deferred warrants (4 Buy Limit and 4 Sell Limit) twenty-five points below/above the candle opening price. The step is five points, which means that Buy Limit1 will be placed below the current price by twenty-five points, Buy Limit2 - by 30, Buy Limit3 - by 35, etc. Sell Limit, in turn, is placed above the candle opening price at 23:00. There are a total of eight positions. Teek-profit - level of opening. Items are held until 2:00 Moscow time.


The above example looks like this in more detail.


At 23:01 Moscow time, eight warrants are placed. The price of these is currently 1.3896. This means that Sell Limit 1-4 will be placed on 1,3921; 1,3926; 1.3931 and 1.3936. Buy Limit 1-4, respectively, at 1,3871; 1,3868; 1.3863 and 1.3858. This example does not include spread. Four warrants worked during the first hour of work. At 2:00 Moscow time, the warrants are closed on a teak profit. Buy Limit 1-4 is manually closed as not working. The profit obtained is calculated on the basis of 25 30 35 40 = 130 points (excluding spread). The stop loss is set at 130 points from the two warrants that are extreme. At 2:00, all pending orders must be deleted. This time is chosen because it is the opening point of the GLOBEX market. And the price level of this market will be directed to the indicators at which Pitt was closed.


Forex Return Strategy is a fairly simple and efficient forex trade system that does not require careful technical analysis and will suit both newcomers and bona fide traders. With Forex 's return strategy forex trading you can make a good profit by following all the rules of the system.


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