The financial wars, the start of the financial war

Though war-time a long ago behind, battle actions proceed between countries. Indeed, now already at the level of finances. Able managing the stream of money as financial instrument, the prepared country will be able to get everything, that will wish. And mostly riches appear this.


At the head of world financial war costs the USA with an unique economic weapon. This state, wishing to get hold the commodities of some country, "prints" dollars and gives them for commodities. In exchange promises that in the future, if necessary, a getting dollars country will be able to exchange them back - on the American commodities. While dollars lend by acquisition of state bonds. For them the small is even promised, but nevertheless percent.


The enormous amount of dollars in the world financial market does not abandon no choice to other countries, except as to accept the indicated terms. However all national riches of the USA will be enough, to purchase him for dollars finding in an appeal in other countries. Thus, instead of cash commodities they get non-material securities.


Selling to the national bond and getting the dollars back, the USA farther more again starts them in a turn, using the system of financing of the government programs. It results in a receipt Americans of high salary that they with gladness spend in shops, buying the imported commodities, id est, changing dollars on the commodities of other countries. A circle is locked.


Europe will refuse to participate in financial wars

An Eurozone appearing in the counterbalance of the USA frightened the last. There is the currency in an Eurozone, collecting popularity, therefore if in "war" will win exactly she, the USA already not able similarly easily to buy the imported commodities for dollars. There will be first to purchase an euro, selling own commodities. A picture not at all inspiring, therefore not surprising, that tried the USA to secure itself, literally printing dollars packs. From here hasty growth of prices on the real estate, delivery of mortgage loans to all persons interested, financing of unprofitable projects. Dollars in fact are necessary to be somewhere put. Such intentional depreciation of dollar struck with force on a world economy, what and began financial war.


The world financial war of 2007-2009 гг became the apotheosis of her, that brought victims as bankruptcy of banks, high unemployment, decline of the real incomes of Americans rate. However an Eurozone sustained defeat in this battle, so not becoming a deserving opponent.


Unlike the USA, European Union does not have single national bonds, however countries like Greece, Italy and Spain learned to conduct tactics analogical to American. Their bonds went away on other countries of Europe, in particular, to France and Germany. Exactly they would suffer the first, decide to start European Union mass emission of euro, as be with a dollar. To avoid it, European Union obliged other countries to pay percents on their bonds in behalf on France and Germany. These percents turn out by reducing of acuestss of Greece, Spain and Italy, that results in mass conflicts.


Ukraine in the financial war of the USA and China

In this financial war Ukraine first of all suffers from a situation in the USA, because has a dollarized economy extremely. However getting rid from a dollar is not so simple, first needed to promote a trust to the hryvnia or legislatively forbid the use of dollars on territory of country. Whether an economy will win from it, saying is difficult.

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