Sidusa method

As is known, the financial exchange about 2/3 of the time is in the stage of accumulation, and the remaining 1/3 falls at the stage of formation of local extremes. Working techniques designed to generate income from long-term price movements can generate potentially greater profits than intra-range trading.


The skill of the t forex trade system implies the application of a model that responds to market conditions at the right moment. When you see that support/resistance levels are broken, new extremes are formed, patterns of trend continuation or reversal are formed, it is necessary to apply trend strategies.


Today, consider such a strategy forex trading - Sidus 's method. This technique is aimed at obtaining profite from accentuated trend movements, and it is based on the use of an indicator of moving averages. The Cidus method for binary options can be used as in the Forex market. This speaks to its universality and practicality. The system should be used during a period of active capital redistribution, and fleets carry exposures. The technique works on any financial instruments, but the time frame on Forex should be H1.


Sidus strategy forex trading and Moving Average

To start trading, you need to schedule four moowings with different build periods. Curves based on the exponential construction method must be set to 18 and 28. These lines we will consider slow. Their main property is to determine the strength and direction of the trend.


When EMA18 is higher EMA28 we conclude that demand is higher than supply when it is lower - supply prevails over demand. Another interesting property of exponential lines is the distance between them. The closely intertwined EMA indicators 18 and 28 suggest a lack of dominant strength in the market. The divergence of muvings in different directions testifies to the emergence of new bidders and the increase in volumes. The greater the distance between lines, the stronger the trend.


Also, the sidus method uses linearly weighted curves. WMA5 and WMA8 respond acutely to the change in quotations inextricably following the price. The WMA indicator does not act as support and its discrepancy does not serve as a trade signal.


Most moving average strategies by forex trade system signal imply crossing lines with different periods. Sidus 's method works differently. Crossing itself is not sufficient basis for opening a warrant. We know how often lines can flirt with each other by misleading false signals.


Conditions for entering the market for sale by Sidus method

EMA28 is above the EMA18.

WMA8 is above the WMA5.

EMA28 and EMA18 recently crossed over and began to expand.

WMA8 and WMA5 recently crossed over and began to expand.

WMA8 and WMA5 cross with EMA28 and EMA18 and distance themselves from each other.

To buy the entry technique will be mirrored opposite.


Sidus 'strategy is well suited for entering the market at the time of the emergence of the trend. But what if you didn 't make the deal in time? It is necessary to recall the resistance function of moving averages. When the value of an asset as part of a corrective movement comes close to exponential lines, short-stop selling options should be considered. Stop loss set for EMA28. If you open the item at the right time, the signal of closing the deal will be the intersection of the WMA8 and the WMA5.


The success of ordinary investors of the method under consideration is evidenced by the fact that many followers tried to modify and improve this model. The most popular option was the following.


Cidus 'New Vision method

The strategy retained exponential lines, but lost linear-weighted indicators. They were replaced by the Relative Vigor Index 100 indicator. You can find this program in standard MetaTrader tools.


The RVI indicator in its window draws a series of consecutive peaks as long as the value of the item rises. As soon as divergence is formed, namely on the chart the price has increased, and in the indicator window could not rise above the previous maximum, it is a signal for closing the transaction.


New Vision Market Entry Terms

EMA28 is above the EMA18.

EMA28 and EMA18 recently crossed over and began to expand.

The RVI is down and the fast line of the indicator has broken slow with the top down.


To buy, the entry technique will be mirrored opposite. Exit the position when the moving averages are crossed or when divergence occurs in the RVI indicator window.


Today we have reviewed the terms of trading under an interesting strategy forex trading. We remember that the Cidus method for binary options is as relevant as it is for the Forex market. But the main lesson is that for successful work on any method it is necessary to practice and apply a trading tool at the right moment.

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