Scalper Dream indicator

Scalping on Forex requires accurate information on entry points to minimize the number of loss-making deals, so the use of technical tools is justified and welcome.




One such tool is the "Scalper Dream" indicator. Its name - Scalper Dream or Scalper Dream - is very promising and tempting, which often causes skepticism among traders. Let 's try to see what the developers of this technical tool offer us.




Scalper Dream Indicator Characteristics

Forex 2016 indicator can be used on any currency instruments, but developers recommend using it on pairs USD\JPY, GBP\USD, EUR\USD, GBP\JPY.

Timeframe - М1 and М5 at European and American sessions. It is not recommended to trade at the Asian session.

DC: brokers with minimal or floating spread.


Scalper Dream Indicator Description


When the terminal is displayed, the indicator resembles all the well-known "MACD" indicator, with the same red and green histograms indicating a change of trend.




But unlike "MACD," this indicator additionally displays information about:


to the traded currency pair;

Trend strength as a percentage;

direction of a trend;

Until closing the next candle.


Period affects the number of signals output by the trend indicator. The larger the digit, the fewer signals and vice versa. The number of transactions a trader can make depends on.



SL _ add _ pips and TP _ _ allow the trader to expose pips to distance independently stop лосс and a teyk-profit of necessary size. Otherwise, the default settings will be used.



If you have completed an email address in the МТ4 form and the Email Alerts field is "true," you will be notified when a signal appears in the market.



CORNER - choice of informer location:

0 - upper left corner


1 - Upper Right Corner


2 - lower left corner


3 - lower right corner


4 - do not show information.




SHIFT-The option to shift the oscillator values to the right.

Use Alerts - sets the automatic calculation of stop loss and teak profit.



How to work with Scalper Dream indicator


The indicator has only one parameter to pay attention to - is the change of bar colour displayed by the histogram:




Opening deals for purchase: the color of bars with red changed green.

Opening deals for sale: the colors of bars with green changed to red.



In addition, note the trend force numbers that are displayed on the screen. The force must be at least 65%. If you specify a value below, you should not open the transaction.


In addition, the alert calculated by the indicator will report the values "Stop-Loss" and "Take-Profit." Whether they are used or not depends on the settings of the indicator.




Do not open the transaction, if 5 bars of histogram of the same color appeared during operation of the indicator, it means flet in Forex market.




Early exit from the market if bars of the same size appear.




Advantages and disadvantages of Scalper Dream indicator



Easy and accessible signals to and from the market;

The histogram in the indicator is not redrawn;

The indicator can form the basis of a trade strategy or be used as a signal filter for other indicators.





The indicator is not a self-sufficient tool and should be used with other signal processing mechanisms because false signals may occur, the response to which will result in transaction losses.




Whether a given indicator is a scalper dream is decided directly by the trader. The indicator has a number of advantages that make it a useful technical tool when working in the Forex currency market. He is worthy of your attention and inclusion in your trading strategy. As well as worthy of another interesting instrument - indicator of Bollinger s lane.

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