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Trading on small time frames is not always combined with the availability of basic work and other duties, time difference and so on. Whatever the case, all the reasons listed are irrelevant when trading on daytime schedules. An example of a strategy on a D1 time frame is "Ruler." It is suitable for experienced traders who are able to perform support/resistance markings and have the necessary knowledge in the field of manual construction of such levels. The high profitability of the long-term strategy makes it possible to generate D1 income without taking a long time.


Foundations of the "Ruler" free forex strategies that work

The system is designed for a platform of МТ4 and arbitrary currency pairs - the trader will have to independently choose exactly the combination of currencies that will give him the maximum profit. It is enough to enter the terminal once a day after forming a day Japanese candle to assess the current situation and open deals.


Levels of support/resistance have become the basis of the trade strategy. The trader will have to build such levels manually, and he decides to open deals on his own. The Ruler strategy has no strict rules, but provides the player with a list of important factors:


Support/resistance levels are taken into account when opening deals.

An important factor in entering the market is the price out of line 10 of the SMA indicator, and depending on the trend line, the candle closure level should be higher (BUY entry) or lower (SELL entry) of the SMA.

A deal is only possible if there is potential profit in the form of a decent number of points between the entry point and the nearest levels of support/resistance, as is SMA 's nearest rolling 200 line.

For the profit to be the maximum, two bets are used at the same time - this gives the opportunity to capture the maximum number of points.

Terms of opening the deal in the strategy "Ruler"

We enter the market at the level of support/resistance.

The candle closed below/above 10 SMA.

Entering the market is required after completion of the day candle, as an option, leave a delayed warrant and enter the market on a rollback to 10 SMA.

It is worth refraining from a deal if there are not many points between the nearest level of support/resistance or 200 SMA and the current price.

Stop Loss is below the support level for BUY and above the resistance level for SELL.


How to exit the market according to the strategy "Ruler" Forex?

In order to maximize profit, we enter two orders at once, the first of which is completed by TR = 100 points, closing the first order, the second is transferred to break-even. It remains open to get the maximum profit from traffic, and closes when the price approaches the SMA 's rolling 200 or the nearest level of support/resistance.


We closely monitor the behavior of SMA line 10 after the completion of the first deal on the "Ruler" free forex strategies that work: if the level of closure of the candle is near the moving average, and the profit is already substantial, the remaining warrant can also be closed.

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