Ratis indicator

Today I want to introduce you to a very useful indicator, rather even a few indicators that form a full trading system. This system is called "Ratis."


Do not be afraid that there are many indicators on it, there is no need to understand and study them. The whole point is that as soon as the data of all indicators change color to the same - it is a signal to enter the position. In our case, the signal for sale will be the change of colors of all indicators and graphics to dark blue.


The signal for purchase will be the moment when all indicators and graph become pale blue.


The standard colors of this indicator system are lime and orange. When everything is painted in lime colors - we buy when in orange - we sell. This indicator is suitable for all main currency pairs and for intraday timeframes, as is the bollinger band. This indicator is set in the same way as all standard indicators in the trading terminal.

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