New Martingale Trend Strategy

At the heart of this strategy is the Martingale method, as is trend trading. It makes no sense to apply the Martingale method separately, as it is not a full-fledged strategy forex trading and the increase in rates should be due to market performance - only in this case the trader will be able to keep the deposit and make a profit on options.


The authorship of the strategy New Martingale belongs to the famous trader Nicholas Kokar, who, according to him, earns on it about 1000 dollars a day, and trains everyone wishing to trade on binary options.


New Martingale does not provide for the use of indicators - to implement it is enough to have a good trading platform with various timeframes. This is due, first of all, to the fact that the indicators developed for the Forex market are not always suitable for binary options - in this market many indicators operate late. This is unacceptable, the trader should receive signals on time, which will allow to earn in an optimal way. Given this state of affairs, many traders prefer to work without indicators at all, as in most cases their use is simply impractical.


How to trade by New Martingale strategy forex trading?

To correctly select the basic asset for trading under the New Martingale strategy, you can pay attention to currency pairs, stock indices, shares and commodities of the commodity market - on trading platforms you can find hundreds of such assets, so the trader has something to choose from. What is worth paying attention to when choosing an asset is volatility, as the trend is a necessary condition for entering the market, while during the period of flash or unstable trend it is not necessary to enter the market at all. To make sure that there is a trend, it is necessary to study the schedule with a time frame of 12 hours and estimate the price movement in the long term, determine the global trend.


Having detected the presence of a trend, it is possible to choose entry points in accordance with the trade strategy - the entry point is a strong movement of the price in the opposite direction to the trend. According to Elliott 's wave theory, kickbacks during trend movement are inevitable, after which movement towards the main trend resumes, so the essence of earnings under the New Martingale strategy for binary options is to put bets towards the trend at the moment of rollback.


So the trader is left to find such a moment of rollback - for this purpose a М30 chart is used, on which it is possible to determine minor price fluctuations without problems. For example, the М30 price is moving downward, while the global trend is pointing upward.


Rules of trade:


As for opening deals, entry into the market under the conditions of this trend strategy is performed only towards the trend. Therefore, if there is a long-term upward movement in the market, the option will be "higher," with the downtrend the option will be "lower."

In case of a deal under the terms of the New Martingale strategy, that is, the deal opens at the moment of rollback, it brings profit. The trader continues to trade further, keeping the rate.

If the first option is loss-making, then in accordance with the principles of Martingale 's strategy, the next deal is done in double size so that the potential win caps the loss received.


Manya management

The desire to keep the deposit and make a profit is quite feasible when performing mani management. Nikolai Kokar in his strategy New Martingale meets standard requirements - not to risk more than 5% deposit for one deal. Therefore, even if the minus deal is closed, the player has the necessary capital to continue playing and as a result correct the situation. As practice shows, the effectiveness of the strategy during the trend is high, while during the flash it is not recommended to enter into deals at all. No doubt Martingale 's strategy is unable to protect the deposit from leakage. However, several loss-making transactions in a row raise the rate to such limits, which are no longer consistent with the requirements of mani management. That is why to profit on this strategy, it is worth exactly following the recommendations of the developer.


For example, a trader with $50 in his account can trade options worth at least $1. In this case the conditions of mani management are fulfilled, which allows without increased risk to trade and earn according to the strategy of New Martingale for binary options.


The Martingale method has been known for a long time and has already been applied in trade in the market, but in this strategy it is only an additional element to the forex trade system based on trade by trend. According to Kokarya 's advice, Martingale should only be applied as part of a strategy that takes into account the realities of the market, because outside it is a very risky strategy in which it is likely to lose the deposit completely.

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