Myrrey Math indicatorx

In this article, we will briefly look at the "Myrrey Math" trade indicator, developed by renowned trader Thomas Henning Murray, which simplified William Gunn 's teaching by making it more accessible for understanding.




Trading platform: Metatrader4.

Currency pairs: any.

Taymfreym: any.

Trade time: any.


Purpose of the indicator



The "Myrrey Math" indicator allows a trader with a high probability to analyze the dynamics of market indicators: prices and time. The Murray levels are calculated so that the starting points of the specified interval, the minimum and maximum points, are determined first.


Setting the Myrrey Math Indicator



Setting the indicator is very easy.

To do this, download the Murrey Math indicator on the Internet.

Then unpack it if it 's not unpacked.

Save the received file to the folder with indicators of your trading platform Forex.


After that you restart the trading platform, set the indicator from the general list of standard ones and use:




Description of settings



P (= 64) - intereral, where the lines are read. It 's a smaller indicator, it 's a smaller line.

MMPeriod (= 1440) - common intereral in min. ah, hde 1440 - dareve lines, 10080 - non-standard, 43200 - mecal.

StepBack (= 0) is shift for a miscalculation of lines back.



Using the Myrrey Math Indicator in Trade



All the resulting segments have their own characteristics.




0/8 and 8/8 have a high strength of support and resistance, which will spread and go to the other side.

1/8 and 7/8 - support and resistance are strong, but probability that the price in the movement will be developed in the return party, below.

3/8 and 4/8 support and resistance forces will be equalized.



On the chart there are shown the flakes of the water and the water depending on the aggression of the trade strategy.


Advantages and shortcomings





When building a level, it is possible to use popular values.





It is possible to take levels with the systems of analysis and their collection.

Levels of cami can allow accurate analization and reduction of forecasts of cen reduction on the market.



As we can see, this indicator is a simple and effective forecasting tool that many traders in the world have successfully used to this day. The same easy-to-understand tool is the Bollinger lane indicator.

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