Moving Average indicator

Today there are many different trend indicators based on moving averages. However, you will like the Moving Average indicator for the convenience and clarity of the signals.


Period AMA indicates the period of the main moving midline. It is worth paying attention to the higher the value (in our case 50), the less smoothed the line will be.


Nfast and nslow are two levels of noise filtering. The higher the parameter number, the weaker the forex indicator responds to price bursts.


It itself represents a smoothed line with circles of green and red.


From this it is easy to conclude that if the indicator is painted red, then you should look for an entry for sale.


If the Moving Average indicator turns green, it gives us a reason to look for an entry point for a purchase.


At the end it is necessary to answer that this indicator is only a filter and in no way claims the title of independent profitable forex strategy 2015. Only in combination with other ancillary tools can the Moving Average indicator make a profit.




Stochastic Expansion indicator

The usual stochastic is quite a popular tool for trading in the forex market. However, it, like all oscillators, has flaws that are intended to correct the Stochastic Expansion indicator.


Very often, using standard stochastic, many faced the falsity of the signal. It seems like the lines crossed, and it 's time to enter the deal, but the lines are brazenly diverging again. Thanks to the new graphical interpretation, the signals became clearer.


The sharper the turn angle of the stochastic line, the stronger the signal that the previous trend is changing or fading. Otherwise, this forex market indicator is used as a standard Stochastic indicator.


The signal for purchase will be the formation of an acute angle of the line in the resale zone.


It will be preferable to use this indicator on the main currency pairs. As for the time frame, the Н4 is best suited. It is important to note that this stochastic expansion indicator is not an independent forex strategy, but is suitable only for the role of a signal filter.




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