Moving average forex trading strategy


I am sure that many traders, if not to say that everyone began to experience themselves in the market with this forex trading strategy. Which could be easier than waiting to cross. And it will be reasonable to assume that almost everyone was disappointed in this type of trade.

I started trading like that, too. The first frustrations from the Forex market came at the moment of this forex trading strategy. But not because the system didn 't work, but because I didn 't develop it. In general, I often notice that very few traders take the strategy and finalize it under themselves, improve, introduce new moments to make the strategy work. Usually a beginner trader changes his strategy with ease to find an immediately working effective forex trading strategy, indicator, adviser. But there 's usually nothing working for free.

So, the secret is that all paid strategies are most often refined conventional strategies. It 's just that people didn 't crawl, and perfected old strategies.

Now I want to tell you how to optimize trading with two moving averages.

All you need is to get used to trading deferred warrants. Why this thought rarely comes to anyone, I don 't know. But the fact that when a delayed warrant is installed, the profitability of the forex trading strategy increases several times.

So, to enter the purchase, we wait for the indicator moving average to cross the slow bottom-up. After closing the signal candle, we place the deferred Byu Stop warrant 5-7 points above the candle maximum.

If we want to sell, we wait for the reverse situation, when the fast sliding crosses the slow from top to bottom. The candle closes and we put the Sell Stop warrant 5-7 points below the minimum of that candle.

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