Linda Raschke. Exchange secrets-trader's review

The Forex Academy is starting to publish a series of reviews of the most popular books in the field of trading! These reviews will help you navigate the information flow and choose only the most useful! We will publish reviews only on the best, informative and personally verified books by our traders!

Hello! My name is Victor Brel! I am a Forex Academy trader! Today we will review a book that has become almost a byword among market players.

The book "Exchange secrets" is written by a woman who became famous in the circles of traders due to her success in Forex trading. For more than thirty years, Linda Raschke has been impressing not only beginners, but even experienced players with her results in trading on financial markets.

For Linda, it all started with a private managed account of$25,000. Initially, trading was conducted with options. In just 3 months, she managed to double her account! However, then there was a series of failures and on the sold, not covered options Raschke lost almost all the capital. However, this did not become a hindrance and Linda continued to trade. Thanks to her perseverance, Linda Raschke was able to prove to herself and everyone that a woman can become a successful trader, while her career as a trader did not prevent her from creating a family, giving birth and raising wonderful children.

In the book" Exchange secrets", Linda Raschke openly and easily shares her successes and failures in the process of becoming and acquiring irreplaceable practical experience in trading. During her professional career in trading, Linda Raschke has always taken a practical approach to market manipulation. Each failure brought Linda more experience and knowledge that was useful in the trading process.

It is in this way that the book is written - this is a real textbook, where you can find practical examples of various market players, comments on conducted trades.

Everyone has the right to make a mistake, but you should always respond appropriately to it, draw appropriate conclusions and take appropriate measures – this is the main message of the book "Secrets of stock trading".

This approach is universal and suitable for almost any life situation. Despite the fact that the book discusses various trading strategies, Linda Raschke makes it clear that the most important criterion for a trader to succeed in the financial markets is the formation of their own trading strategy and strict adherence to its rules.

"Secrets of stock trading" by Linda Raschke is written in simple language and will be understandable even to a person who is not even familiar with the financial markets. This book can be a "revolution" in the life of a trader. After reading it in full, many things, including those from the field of human psychology of trading, become clear. As a result, this helps to avoid most mistakes in the trading process in the future.

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