Lazy Trader Strategy - Success with Minimal Time

Not every trader can afford to devote their time entirely to trading, so many successful players in the market started trading as hobbies, giving the main time to other work. That is why trade systems that do not require constant market surveillance are in high demand.


Strategy the Lazy Trader represents quite effective trading system which will allow to earn about 50% of an initial deposit in a month, at the same time the trader should not spend for day time at the monitor as transactions are exposed only once in a week and is not difficult to spend for it 30 minutes at all. Namely, the trader will have to run the terminal on Monday, put up warrants and leave his system until Friday. At the end of the trading week it will be possible to estimate the result of the work of Lazy Trader. Such a TC is suitable for those traders who cannot pay much attention to trade, but would like to profit from trading at a minimum of time.


Features of the trading system

As for currency pairs that would be suitable for trading under this system, you can choose any of those that contain Japanese yen: EUR/JPY, GBF/JPY, CHF/JPY, AUD/JPY, and others. The exception is currency pair USD/JPY. On it the strategy Lazy Trader does not work, because the price movement is too strongly influenced by the exchange rate of the dollar.


It is the behavior of the yen that determines the ability to predict the movement of the price schedule during the week. Such a pattern is easy to notice - it is enough to view the graph of any of the proposed currency pairs. The price moves with a certain pattern that determines the priority movement of the schedule during the week. Using this fact, the trader is offered to earn money.


The main feature of the Lazy Trader strategy is the ratio TP to SL, which is 3:1. So even if 3 loss-making deals account for one profitable, the trader will not lose the deposit. And since three loss-making deals are not so common in practice, the system is really profitable.


Trade Algorithm by free forex strategies that work.

To prepare the terminal for operation according to the Lazy Trader strategy, it is necessary to select a currency quotation with yen and install the operating TF Н4, after which we will use the key combination Ctrl Y to include separation periods, which will visually divide the graph with dashed lines into weekly intervals.

Terminal work begins Monday morning. It is necessary to open the graph and evaluate the first candle in a new week, which is located directly on the dividing line between periods. After that it is necessary to install 2 delayed warrants: Buy Stop is installed 10-20 points above Hi candle, Sell Stop is exposed 10-20 points below Lowe candle.


The next stage of Forex Lazy Trader 's strategy is to establish Stop Loss for each warrant: for Buy Stop SL is set at the Sell Stop deal level and vice versa - for the Sell Stop deal it is exposed at the Buy Stop warrant level. Set Take Profit to perform TP/SL = 3:1.


After that, it is only left to wait for the price to go one side or the other and hit one of the warrants. Even if the price turns around and opens a second warrant, the total profit will still be positive. As apart from putting up two warrants in the Lazy Trader strategy earlier in the week no more action is required from the trader, the terminal is left until Friday when open and unworkable deferred warrants will need to be closed. Of course, the probability of both orders being triggered and further closing on SL is likely, but the probability of closing on the profite of at least one of the orders is markedly higher, which guarantees the final profitability of the free forex strategies that work.


Subtleties TS Lazy Trader

The simplicity and profitability of this TC makes it attractive for newcomers and those who cannot devote enough time to trading. On the other hand, the declared increase in deposit by 50% per month is not the limit of dreams for most traders, so if you want to increase profits, you can complicate the rules of trade somewhat. This will slightly increase the labor intensity of the Lazy Trader strategy, however, the inconvenience is compensated by the increase in profit:


You can follow the news using the economic calendar. If important news such as a new interest rate or GDP level is planned for the week, it is better to monitor the market situation during the news release. If the situation does not develop according to the forecast made, it makes sense to close the warrants - in any case, putting the stop loss when opening the warrants in the Forex Lazy Trader strategy is mandatory.

It is worth estimating the size of the first four-hour candle in the week. If it is too large, the size of the loss stops will also be large. If the distance between high-low Japanese candle increases 100 points, it is better not to enter the market.

If desired, it is possible to move the Lazy Trader stop loss exposed according to the rules of the strategy, in particular, if the price has passed half the distance from the entrance to the market, the TR can be moved into a break-even. This will avoid losses and for this it is enough to look into the terminal 1 a day.


The optimal currency pair for trading is CHF/JPY. This is due to the stability of the Swiss franc. Therefore, the franc does not affect the behavior of the currency in the pair and the features of the Japanese yen manifest themselves in all beauty. This currency pair allows to make more accurate inputs, which will have a positive impact on the final profitability of the Lazy Trader strategy. However, it is possible to choose your currency pair, which will allow to get the optimal profit on the results of trades for the quarter. Since the number of transactions is small, it is worth taking a sufficiently long period to assess the attractiveness of this strategy, which will allow to adequately assess the operation of the system both in case of active price movement and during flash.

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