Indicator Symphony

There is no more saturated and clear sound and more beautiful music than the sounds of a classical symphony. Judging by the name, the Symphony indicator promises us the clearest and most beautiful entry points.




The Symphony indicator itself consists of four indicators:




extreme (extreme points),

trend (trend),

emotion (emotion),

sentiment (mood of the market).



Each of these indicators is not a strong indicator, but together all four indicators are able to show where the market will move. Graphically, it looks like four lines broken into cells. These cells in turn have either red or blue colors.


When the Symphony vertical indicator turns completely red, it will be a signal for sale. A delayed Sell Stop warrant is displayed 5-10 points below the signal candle. The loss limitation level is set for the maximum signal candle spread. The profit capture level is set at 1:2 or the transaction is closed when one of the cells becomes blue.


When the Symphony vertical indicator turns blue, it will be a signal that it is time to enter the purchase. Next, according to the Symphony strategy, a delayed buy stop warrant is displayed 5-10 points above the signal candle. The stop is put for a minimum, the teak profit is put in a ratio of 1:2 or the deal is closed manually when one of the elements turns red.


It should also be noted that for each time frame the Symphony indicator is adjusted separately. The parameters required for proper configuration are present in the archive together with the indicator. In order to set the indicator for profitable operation, after it is installed in the terminal and connected to the diagram, it is necessary to pass the Graphs/indicator list/symphonie/properties/input parameters in the terminal and enter the necessary data.

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