how to become more successful than Timothy Sykes?


He was not yet 20 years old, and he had already become a millionaire. A young and ambitious trader did not dream, but acted decisively and persistently, turning the market over every day and violating the usual rules of trading. Sykes started with stocks in 1999, when he turned 18. He turned his savings into $ 124,000, then $802,000. For three years, it has besieged the market by $ 2,000,000, not bad for a young guy, isn't it?


The determination and discipline developed by the sport (lawn tennis) that he practiced professionally allowed him to use these skills in trading and make a sum that surprised many major players in the Forex market.

In his trading method, Sykes used the "Three elder screens" strategy, which became not the main, but a complementary tool that allowed him to increase profit. You have heard about it many times, but you may not have thought about working with it in the foreign exchange market. And in vain, because it gives a good result if you combine it with other strategies, more information about which can be found on the free webinar "FBI – easy start!".

In early 2003, Timothy opened a personal Hedge Fund and 3 years later was included in the list of the 30 best traders in the magazine "Trade Monthly", who have not yet reached the age of 30. Now the trader freely shares his trades with beginners and experienced players who have a lot to learn from Sykes. On your site ( it shows what volumes it enters and what profit it gets as a result.


Timothy did not wait for an opportunity, a shooting star and luck that would suddenly come to him, he thought out deals, used the "Three screens elder" strategy, which is the main special course of the "FBI" and increased capital.

Now he trades with a capital of $ 750,000, travels freely around the world and shares his knowledge and experience with everyone, considering greed the lot of insecure players.

Sykes ' strategy allowed him to get away from the usual earnings forever, he opens positions through the Internet, which is everywhere, so there is no need to stick to any particular workplace. You can also change your life for the better and not be satisfied with little, everything is in Your hands, we just want to help You with this, so we developed a special course "FBI" based on the recommendations of Timothy Sykes and our traders-analysts. We also provide a large number of instructions for self-study, such as a description of the Ichimoku indicator.

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