How do I trade on Price Action patterns?

Hello, dear traders. My name is Jan Sikorski, I 'm a forex trading strategy. This tutorial is dedicated to Price Action. Today you will learn its main patterns, what they look like, as well as ways of trading on them.


Price Action is one of the most effective forex trading strategy schemes that involves analyzing the behavior of the prices and patterns it uses.


Many of you know that the price during the movement forms various candle combinations, which indicate to us the most likely development of the situation in the market. They are the ones called Price Action patterns.


The first to describe an analysis of this kind was Steve Nison. This method of analysis is completely universal, however, it has subtleties. For example, view patterns only near the most significant levels.


The advantage of this type of analysis is that it can be carried out in any market: stock, urgent or currency. But naturally, if it is conducted correctly.


Now let 's go directly to the most important question: "How do I trade Price Action patterns?"


Option Analysis: How to Predict Market Movement?


Many traders, both beginners and forex trading strategy experience in the Forex market, use the standard indicators included in the forex trading strategy terminal package for analysis. A significant downside to such indicators is that they follow the price rather than the price behind them.


I suggest that you abandon the standard approach of market analysis and adopt information that allows you to see the intentions of large market participants. After all, it is their huge capital that moves the price in one direction or another.


The option analysis allows you to "watch" large players and, as a result, make profitable deals with minimal risk and great profit potential.


In this training manual we will not dive with our heads into all the peculiarities of making deals in the market, as well as into all the components of options (delta, tetta, risk premium, etc.), but will only understand the basics intended for a common understanding of how on the basis of analysis of option levels it is possible to predict movements in the Forex market. This will allow you to gain an undeniable advantage in the trade process.


Want to know how you can best trade with options? How always to be ahead of other traders?

Hello, traders! My name is Jan Sikorski, trader-analyst of. Today I will tell you about one of the most profitable ways to get quick profit in the foreign exchange market - forex trading strategy channels. In this article you will learn how to use them correctly to extract the maximum profit from them.


Before opening a deal, each trader must answer three questions: where to enter the position, where to put Stop Loss and where to exit the deal.


How correct the answers are, and will depend on your success in forex trading strategy. The most common mistake most newcomers have is they don 't know how to answer questions. They don 't know where the right entry is and the potential of the deal, they don 't understand where Stop Loss needs to be installed.


Therefore, I wrote the material in such a way that, after studying it, you will be able to answer these questions with ease, and the percentage of successful deals will rise several times.


It is necessary to highlight one important plus - trade channels bring quite a large profit in a short period of time. And all because the exit from the channel is accompanied by a strong movement, and the entry into the deal is carried out at minimal risks.


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