Forex Trendlion's Simple and Profitable Strategy

Trendlion 's medium-term trading strategy is one simple option for trading on day schedules. In order to implement such a strategy, it will take half an hour of time daily, and the terminal needs to have a day candle closed in order to make decisions on opening and closing deals during this period. The basis of the strategy is the author 's indicator and exponential MA with period 6.


As for priority currency steam which Forex is recommended to free forex strategies that work it is possible to note the following: EUR/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY.


It is necessary to select one or more pairs from this list to the trader on his own, it is desirable to choose the most volatile currencies, as free forex strategies that work Trendlion itself is trending. Such an option is not a bad choice for such a player on Forex, who does not have the opportunity to devote all day to trading. As for possible profit, in a month it is possible to get up to 10-20% of the used capital - the final result depends on the chosen currency pair. It is also important to comply with the rules of mani management and not to risk more than 2-5% of the deposit.


How to enter the Trendlion strategy market?

In order to work, it is necessary to install the author 's Forex indicator in the trading terminal and load the corresponding template so that the schedule takes the working form. A green line is visible on the screen, which is an exponential moving average with a period of 6 - depending on the location of the price and that line and decisions will be made about opening the warrants.


You can start market analysis after the day candle is formed. Entry into the Forex market of the Trendlion strategy is performed under the following conditions:


The day candle is bullish (in blue on the screen) and its closing level is above the level of exponential MA.

The bearish day candle (displayed in red) and its closing level are below the exponential MA level.

For the convenience of the user, a digit is placed above each candle - this is the distance of the transaction to enter the market. The color indication is similar - red for bear candles and blue for bull candles.


Opening a warrant at BUY

The Trendlion strategy enters the market through two deferred orders that are equal in volume.

The bull candle closes above the EMA indicator line.

The setting of the loss stops is due to the level of the signal candle minimum - from this value it is necessary to remove another 30 points.

As for Take Profit, this value is not set when the warrant is issued. Exit from the market is provided by the trader himself and does so manually, assessing the situation in the market.


Entering the Market at SELL

For the Forex deal of the Trendlion strategy for sale, the main condition is:


The bear candle closes below the exponential MA line.

We open 2 delayed orders located below the closing price for the number of points indicated by the indicator.

As for Stop Loss, it is exposed above the signal candle maximum by 20 points.

Closing of warrants

By setting up deferred warrants, the trader has no reason to keep watching the market on the day, because the deals are on display and do not need to be accompanied. The next night, coming to the terminal during the closing of the day candle, you can assess the results of the past day. If transactions remain unclaimed, they are removed, while if there is a signal from the current candle, it is necessary to put up new deferred transactions in accordance with Forex 's Trendlion strategy.


What to do in case the warrants worked but are at a loss? It is not worth closing them, it is much more reasonable to wait for the price reversal, in which case the loss can be reduced. If the transactions show profit, it is worth fixing profit - one warrant closes, and the 2nd is left open, moving stop loss to the level of their opening. In this case, even if the price is reversed, the deal will close in breakeven. If the price continues its movement, the profit on the deal will be much greater. Manually, the warrant closes when the day candle displays a market reversal, meaning it becomes the opposite color.


If the deals put up last day are in the negative and still not closed, it is not worth opening new ones for the current day. In this case, it is reasonable to wait for the situation to be resolved under the current warrant, which will save the deposit. If the deal from last day is not closed and is in a plus, the new pair of deals under Trendlion 's strategy rules opens after the closing of one of last day 's deals, then somehow the 2nd has been transferred to the break-even level.


This strategy has many good reviews and is popular, and it should not be forgotten that this strategy is trending, so it shows good results in volatile markets. Such a strategy allows you to open deals at the very beginning of the movement and stay in the market until the first rollback or reversal. The simplicity of free forex strategies that work Trendlion is its advantage, as it can be used not only by professionals, but also by beginners - in the long term it allows to earn.

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