forex trading strategy Tick

Tired of complicated vague rules? Want a simple and dynamic trade? In such a case, you will definitely be suited to the "Tick" strategy.


This is a completely indicative strategy that greatly facilitates the trading process while ensuring earnings on Forex. Greedy to profit, the chain and universal strategy "Tick" allows profitable trading on absolutely all currency pairs and on several timeframes. Do you want to get more information?


Then press the "explore" button now to take a free step-by-step guide to the "Tick" strategy and earn money tomorrow!


Every self-respecting Forex trader must have not one but a set of Forex trading strategies suitable for use on different currency pairs and time intervals. The greater the arsenal of knowledge you possess, the more often you will be able to extract from the market noise the appropriate moment of conclusion of the deal. That 's why knowing about another successful weekly trading system will never be unnecessary.


We continue to introduce you to the quality models applicable to the myforex market and binary options. forex trading strategy Tick is suitable for all currency couples. Depending on your investment experience, you can analyze entry points on М5-to-Н4 timeframes. You must adjust the item settings depending on the selected time line.


We will look at the lower intervals as the Tick strategy in binary options correlates most closely with the М5 segment on the currency exchange. However, the principle of using the tool in question can be implemented, with proper modernization, on any timeframe.


Are necessary for use:


Three Bollinger band indicators with parameter 50 set and deviation 2, 3, 4. This tool is used for the intended purpose, to measure the force of the trend in price deviation from the extreme boundaries of the corridor.

The Relative Strength Index or RSI indicator is used to identify critical areas whose exit confirms that a trading moment has occurred. The period value must be set to 8 as well as standard levels 30 and 70.

Stochastic indicator auxiliary tool confirming RSI signal. The values are 14, 3, 3 with levels 20 and 80.


Each Forex indicator alone is unable to provide enough profitable grounds for buying a financial asset, but the Mic weekly trading system combined them to filter false commands. It is notionally possible to divide the components into main ones - Bollinger Gangs, as well as confirming RSI and Stochastic.


First of all we will deal with Take Profit and Stop Loss. For scalping strategies, profits cannot exceed 10-20 points, within Forex volatility. Sometimes it is better to do little than wait for the course to return to positive territory. You can proceed from how far the extreme Bollinger Gangs are apart. The wide location suggests a good potential for course movement, the narrowing lines warning against opening a Forex warrant. The loss should be determined in proportion to the possible income.


The value of a currency never stops on one Bollinger lane equally twice. A large number of curves, the forex trading strategy of the Tick uses to determine the critical level from which a currency pair must make a rebound.


Touching the price of the Bollinger midline with deflection 3 will be the first sign of the onset of the trading moment. Closure of the candle between bands with deviation 2 and 3, suitable deal area. The Tick strategy allows for the additional use of a candle analysis to identify a reversal pattern. The presence of a pork pattern such as bull/bear absorption is an additional sign of the onset of a favorable situation. And the formation of divergence on the Stochastic or RSI indicator will make the opening of the warrant reinforced concrete.


Not any touch of the Bollinger Gangs border course will be the basis for entering the market. We will use RSI and Stochastic to filter market noises. We offer to trade only ideal positions, improving the quality of deals.


RSI and Stochastic must be in critical zones. Places of overbought and resale indicate a long-term finding of a financial asset in the current trend and readiness to change the trend line. Let 's sum up what 's written. The Tick strategy uses the following combinations of indicator commands:


The price closed between the Bollinger lines with a deviation of 2 and 3;

The RSI is above/below 70/30, respectively, and begins a reversal;

Stochastic is above/below 80/20, respectively, and begins a reversal;

Having a Price Action or divergence candle pattern would be an additional strong confirmation signal;


The ideal combination of signals requires simultaneous compliance with all the conditions listed. As stated at the beginning, having learned the described technique of working on the Forex market, the strategy of the Tick in binary options can also generate additional income. The rules of working with binary options differ from the rules of myforex, here you need to predict the direction of price movement. Strategy Tick is suitable for determining the change of mood of investors like no other.


In addition to clear indicator commands, do not forget to pay attention to the distance between the bands, narrow them or expand, pork combinations, presence of diversions on RSI and Stochastic. To those who follow the rules of entry, use the accumulated trader experience in the right way, the strategy of Tick will help to open more than one profitable position.


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