forex trading strategy Three Indians

The trading system we will describe is based on the Three Indians graphic pattern of the same name. This model is quite famous among Forex traders. It is worth noting that it has also proved itself well among those speculating binary options.


Description of forex trading strategy


This forex trading strategy system does not include any indicators. On the one hand, it is a big plus, as the trader does not have to understand the wisdom of an algorithm, find his own ideal settings.


However, there is also a minus in this - the speculator will have to carefully study the schedule, independently build trend lines and expect the appearance of a signal. Graphical analysis is known to be one of the most subjective. Consequently, it is necessary to be completely impartial in its work and enter the market only when there is indeed a signal, not when the trader seems to appear.


This trading system does not involve Forex indicators. From this, the trader 's task is somewhat simplified. However, it should not be assumed that the forex trading strategy will be quite simple. It is not, because it is about independent search of signals in the market. Here it is important to take into account every nuance and help, as well as clues to wait nowhere.


The essence of the system is to work with trend lines. Building them is easy enough.


With an upward trend, such a line is built at lows and is below the price.

If descending, it is posted at highs and is located above the price, respectively.


The first 2 points on which the construction is carried out are missed for very objective reasons - they are sort of the starting point for carrying out on them straight. This system uses the third elevation. In principle, if you throw away the vaguely named name, it turns out that the trader works with a trend line for withdrawal.




As can be seen from the description, the Three Indians trading system is fairly simple. However, it is worth remembering that before getting a forex trading strategy signal, the trader will have to try and find a trend line. And it is necessary to do it in the course of price movement and to open a deal only on the third touch. In such a case, it is possible to ensure that the trend is really built correctly.


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