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Any trader sooner or later gets tired of a painstaking and exhausting analysis of the current market situation and wants just one thing - to receive clear trade signals that will allow not only to keep the deposit, but also to multiply it. If you have ever experienced such a need, the FX50 strategy is the ideal solution for you.


The FX50 strategy (another name is Cat FX50) is a classic indicator strategy. The principle of working to the funny is simple: the trader receives clear signals, the dual interpretation of which is simply impossible. That 's the strategy that 's attractive. The FX50 is traded on time interval M30 and the recommended currency pairs are EUR/USD and GBP/USD. Do you want more details?


New models of investment are constantly born and die on the financial exchange. Each uses a unique combination of signals. Forex Academy selects the best, and presents to your attention the most profitable tools of trade.


The topic of today 's article is the indicator strategy of FX50. This method showed good results when working with currency pairs GBP/USD and EUR/USD on the time segment of the М30. The authors of trader technology warn about strict observance of all key teams, and prevention of free interpretation of the market situation. For example, misinterpreting the closure of a single Japanese candle would lead to the collapse of the entire system.


The FX50 forex trading strategy, like any other profit-making model, will require you to be attentive, disciplined, control emotions and patience. Otherwise, you can rely on myforex indicators.


The trading system of the FX50 is characterized by qualitatively selected weekly trading system instruments of the trader. They properly filter market noise, highlighting only reliable entry points. Even during the transition to the lateral trend, compared to other techniques, ours does not give contradictory signals or seeks to minimize them.


In stock exchange analysis, the FX50 strategy works with the following elements:


ANina indicator;

HistStepMaShoch indicator;

EMA indicator built into the МТ4;


FX50 is a qualitative way to generate income in the financial market. The authors argue that it is possible to extract up to 100 points per transaction. Profit/loss is set at 3 to 1, which is a sign of the high efficiency and thought-out method being studied. Accordingly, Stop Loss should not exceed 30-35 pips.


The trading system is FX50 recommended for use in the М30 range, but for such a time frame, a movement of 100 points seems essential. The historical test revealed a frequent not income price of only a few units before receiving the intended reward. We advise to pay attention to this circumstance, and to take into account in the decision-making.


From our point of view, this method can also be used at intervals of М15 and Н1, and profit can be reduced by 10-15 pips. But with such modifications it will no longer be a trade strategy FX50 in its original form.


Start with the Forex graph with one of the recommended pairs, set the exponential moving average indicator to 50. The EMA in the context of the model in question has classical properties:


It acts as a line of support and resistance.

Using the EMA slope, you can determine whether a trend line is present or not.

Crossing one of the transaction entry signals at the cost of the EMA line.


A large moving average period is important for the correct application of the system, as it is responsible for determining the direction of the trend. The FX50 weekly trading system also uses aNina signals. The aNina indicator refers to trend instruments and sends false signals during Forex flute period, but compensates for its disadvantage during directional movement. It looks like two curves constantly crossing each other. ANina is designed to capture the beginning of a trend.


The main filter we need is called HistStepMaShoch. This assistant is responsible for determining the trend, only uses a different calculation method from previous tools. It consists of a histogram oscillating in positive and negative zones. Taken together, all named elements, provide qualitative advice on opening the myforex warrant. A forex trading strategy has emerged as a result of the efforts of well-selected components that offset disadvantages and enhance each other 's merits FX50


The favourable moment when the warrant is opened is subject to the following conditions:


The price not only crossed the moving average indicator with confidence, but also closed above or below the moving average indicator. Since the value of 50 describes EMA as slow, this behavior of the currency asset may be the beginning of a change in the market environment in the medium term.

The histogram of HistStepMaShoch in the bull market should be green, in the bear market - red.

Signal lines aNina crossed each other forming a confirmation sign of the moment of sale.

It is necessary to open the warrant at the moment of candle creation, after attachment behind EMA line, at corresponding color of HistStepMaShoch histogram.

The profit/loss ratio is set at 3 to 1. The authors recommend taking 100 points of income at a permissible risk of 35 units.


The FX50 trading strategy gives the investor the opportunity to make a profitable deal with a combination of three indicator teams. Despite the fact that we work on half-hour timeframes, it is possible to wait for a favorable situation.


If you are experienced or well versed in financial circumstances, FX50 provides opportunities for Forex 's risky strategy. You can use the classic trading take - entering the market on rollback. When after breaking the EMA, the price is rolled back for a rolling retest, you can add to an already opened item. In such a situation, pay attention to the histogram of the HistStepMaShoch. If it continues to grow and the right color, you have reason to make a risky decision.


Trade strategy FX50 considers the main condition of investment, a trial confirmed by HistStepMaShoch. If the aNina enhances the test, it 's a good sign for our system. If the indicators conflict with one another, it is better to refrain from working. Pay attention to the size of the candle that broke Moving Average. The sample may prove false, or the price has exhausted most of the momentum if the size of the bar exceeds 40 points. In such circumstances, the FX50 does not recommend waiting for a rollback.


The FX50 strategy is a deal-making technique following the trend. It is easy to understand because it is not overloaded with elements and login rules. Available for trading by beginners and experienced investors. Requires attention and understanding of myforex market. Leaves positive impressions, thanks to quality inputs filtered professionally selected instruments.

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