forex trading strategy For broke Dispersal of deposit

Hello, dear traders! 10-20% of the income from deals per week is a very good indicator. But if you have relatively little capital, for example, $200, it is a little, because beautiful life to yourself will not provide such income.


Without attracting investors, small amounts are very difficult to trade, so it is necessary to somehow "break up" the deposit and the forex trading strategy "Va-Bank" is best for it.


Principle of work of forex trading strategy

The specifics of the market are that everything that has increased sharply should fall, and vice versa.


The spring principle works like a clock. This is due to various market corrections, profit fixing by marketers, etc. How to work? For starters, we are looking for a currency couple that has grown more in a week than all other couples. We choose a pair with the largest body candle, which passed in a week at least 90 points. The probability of its rollback is quite high, so the risks are small. Potential profits cover all risks, so the game is worth the cost.


Entering and Entering the Market


1. After the market closes, at the end of the week, we estimate currency pairs. Open weekly schedules, and choose the pair that went the greatest distance from opening to closing during the week.


2. After selecting the currency, we prepare to enter in a direction that is opposite to its movement. In our case it is a pair USD/JPY, in a week it passed 3494 points. This is the biggest indicator and so we choose this currency pair.


3. We display teak-profit 50 points, stop-loss - 100-110;


4. If within two days neither the teak pro nor the stop loss worked, close the warrant. Regardless of the result, then the forex trading strategy stops working.

For the aid to the trader

Use the Candle Body Size indicator to measure the candle body. It is quite simple and convenient to use. It is also free and can be found


freely available.

Be careful, you shouldn 't be greedy: enter the market no more than once a week and trade on one currency pair.

By choosing a suitable currency pair, examine its nature and influence factors on it.

You can also enroll in individual classes with professional traders who will share even more interesting strategies with you. Traders provide a free test class!

Using this method of trading, you can significantly "promote" your deposit. Every time, the amount of "Va-Bank" can be increased. But be always careful, the market isn 't as simple as it might seem. The risk of this strategy is small, but there is still. Strategy Chance 6:1


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