Forex trading platforms

There are many Forex trading platforms on the Internet. But how can a novice trader choose their platform? Is it worth constantly focusing on what is advertised on the Internet? To make a good choice, you need to analyze all the forex trading platforms in order to choose the one that will really help you bring great benefits from trading.

What is a trading platform?

Forex trading platforms are special programs that are your assistant when trading. They can be controlled both at home from a computer and from a smartphone. This cross-platform system for trading allows the trader to constantly monitor the trading on the market, while having a stable income on Forex.

Criteria for choosing a platform for Forex trading

Every Forex trader should understand that Forex platforms have significant differences from each other. When choosing your" own " Forex platform, you need to take into account some properties that will affect the success of your trading:

Convenient interface;

Now let's look at each of these points in more detail.

Speed and performance is one of the most important aspects in choosing a Forex platform. Low values of these elements can affect your success due to the fact that various Forex charts and quotes may not be loaded in time, which can lead to untimely actions that will contribute to the loss of the Deposit.

Forex trading platforms should always be intuitive – the interface is responsible for this. Imagine that you were unlucky today, there was a bad deal. You launch an application in which all the controls are scattered in a chaotic order, and the interface itself has an annoying color design. You obviously won't be happy! Therefore, for the purpose of comfortable trading, all Forex trading platforms should be able to individually configure it for themselves.

The functionality of the Forex trading platform plays a huge role in choosing. You should always have a certain set of trading tools for Analytics, all sorts of Forex indicators and charts at hand. If you want to use the indicator trading method, then your Forex platform should be equipped with the ability to use indicators.

The best Forex trading platform for beginners is the one that is the most secure and mobile. Each trader should choose the platform that will work with all his devices, which will be compatible with all the operating systems that he uses. It should work constantly and stably, and not crash every few minutes due to incompatibility. Do you have any idea what Deposit losses you end up incurring?

What is the Forex platform is best?

Together, we will try to choose the most convenient Forex trading platforms for you, with which you will successfully trade and make a Deposit acceleration. But for the best perception of the material, you need to try several trading platforms, so that you can decide for yourself which one is really suitable for you.

MetaTrader4 (MT4)

If you ask yourself the question: "Which Forex trading platform is best for novice traders?", then you can't help but think of MetaTrader 4 (MT4). This platform has less functionality than the fifth version of the program, but at the moment it is one of the most prominent representatives of this category. For technical analysis, it provides a huge set of tools, there is an online feed with economic news, as well as the ability to trade automatically. This Forex platform has a perfect security system-it has a secure 128-bit encryption channel. A trader within the platform itself can program their own indicator or script, which will help to trade on the Forex market. And this is taking into account its own wide base of various indicators and trading advisors.

You can download the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Forex platform on our website.

MetaTrader5 (MT5)

The MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Forex platform has incorporated all the features of its previous version, while completely upgrading them. The Forex trading platforms presented above differ from each other in one important feature – MT5 has access to various financial markets. You can trade on Forex, conquer stock exchanges, participate in futures, forward and option trading with just one account. MetaTrader 5 (MT5) gives the trader access to the 21st timeframe, volume information, and limit stop orders for buying/selling. Given the wide range of functionality of this trading platform for Forex, it can not be called complex. It is one of the most intuitive to date, while having one of the largest features. If you decide to use this trading platform, you will be able to easily analyze financial markets using various indicators, as well as place Forex orders and easily, having fun, you will be able to manage your trade. The MetaTrader 5 Forex trading platform is built in the MQL5 language, which has a huge advantage over the MQL4 used in the MetaTrader 4. Due to the difference in speed of 5-10 times, this platform is one of the most productive in the world. The platform is also equipped with the "Signals" service, which allows you to copy transactions from suppliers, getting a profit for it. The service has a high degree of security, since all suppliers participate in the first month of the test period, only after passing which they get the opportunity to provide signals to traders.

Download the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Forex platform from the link:

Due to the high popularity and wide distribution, various specifications that complement the functionality are often released for these platforms.

Mirror Trader

The forex Mirror Trader platform uses the principle of mirror automatic Forex trading. This trading platform is not suitable for novice traders – successful trading requires experience with other platforms, as the user will have to choose the trading schemes themselves, specifying the preferred conditions for them. The Forex trading platform Mirror Trader works on the principle of" mirroring " signals of professional traders. After "mirroring", the user independently studies the results, while choosing their next step. This Forex platform differs from its analogues in its approach to work – all subscriptions are issued on the principle of "Strategy-Symbol", while others copy Forex transactions for each currency pair. And, of course, the most important feature is a wide base of strategies, among which you can choose your own, which brings the highest income.

Ninja Trader (NT)

Ninja Trader is divided into two Forex trading platforms – NT Pro and NT Lite. The "Lite" version completely eliminates automatic trading on the Forex market, but in addition it has the full functionality of the " Pro " version.

The NT Pro version includes the following features:

SuperDom-monitoring the price movement in case of changes in demand/supply in the Forex market;
Chart – the ability to visualize orders and positions in real time, which gives more variations of trading on the chart;
Bracket Orders-a utility that sets the "Stop Loss" and "Take Profit" levels»;
OCO Orders-ability to automatically stop an order if another order is being executed;
Trailing Stop-automatically sets the "Stop Loss" at the level you need;
Demo mode-allows you to test your Forex strategies in demo mode;
Intelligent Stops-a utility that automatically converts your orders to a break-even state;
Automatic trading-automates trading signals.

The Ninja Trader trading platform is currently one of the most high-tech platforms, as it uses only the newest and most necessary developments, which makes Forex trading easier and more profitable. The trading platform includes various tools for Analytics, as well as processing mechanisms that are quite easy to use. With this platform, you can both trade Forex and participate in futures trading. Ninja Trader allows you to easily develop your own trading strategies that are most convenient and profitable for you.

Download the Forex platform Ninja Trader at the link:


Zulutrade Forex trading platform is the most automated system. You are given a choice-to analyze traders ' transactions and trade yourself, or, receiving signals from professional traders, just invest money. For the convenience of searching for effective traders, the company has launched the Zulutrade Alchemy service, thanks to which you can perform analysis of traders, which also takes place in automatic mode.

Main features of the Forex trading platform:

You will not have to share your profit with the signal provider (no Commission);
Automated process;
Minimum time spent;
The statistics of Forex trading;
There is a demo mode (30 days);
Your Deposit and trading is completely confidential information.

You can download the Zulutrade Forex platform on any website that is dedicated to technical analysis tools for Forex.

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