forex trade system Profit Only

The forex trade system only profit is a strategy forex trading. As a result of correct interpretation of signals from these indicators, it is possible to determine quite precisely in which direction prices will move during different intervals of time, which will allow to enter the market at the required moment, determined by the vehicle itself, and this will greatly simplify the operation of the trader.


The forex trade system Only profit has already won sympathy, both among domestic and in the ranks of foreign traders.


In it are used:


1-2-3 Pattern MTF v3.1.mq4 indicator

IBFX Indicator - CPR.ex4

TRO_InsideBar_Plot2.mq4 indicator

The first determines the current trend. Transactions - on Н4 and М30 timeframes. On Н4 we can observe the trend of the day, on M30 - Н4.


The trend is represented by a zigzag formed by three lines. Two yellow and one green guides depict upward movement. In addition, the green line determines the opening of items for purchase. The downward motion is reflected by a zigzag of two blue and one red lines. This is an indicator that sales should be given preference at the moment.


The IBFX-CPR Forex indicator is informational, it calculates the course change scheme for a given moment in time. At the same time, the indicator indicates recommendations for purchase and sale. The indicator creates icons of the template diagram on the graph and defines this pattern both on the present time graph and on others. Blue and brown colors are used to display the values of the profile and stop of the loss, respectively.


TRO_InsideBar_Plot2 the indicator is used for drawing on schedules of two horizontal guides - green and red color. At the same time, the green line is drawn on the real price, and the red line is drawn under it. The moment of crossing at a cost green line serves as a signal to buy, and crossing red - means it is time to sell.


When opening a transaction it is necessary to take into account the above signals in combination with other indicators of the forex trade system Only profit.


In order to sum up the above, it is necessary to identify the step-by-step steps required to carry out qualitative analysis of the situation and interpretation of sinhalas.


It is most convenient to do this using the example of a Buy warrant:


First, the green buy icon is the result of the IBFX-CPR indicator. At that green text - Place a Buy order, accompanied by recommended orders of profit and stop-loss is displayed in the diagram window.


Second, the trend is determined using the 1-2-3 Pattern MTF v3.1 indicator. It should reflect a yellow-green zigzag. The trends are then compared to Н4 and М30. With a growing trend (green zigzag going up), work should continue.


Third, pay attention to the opening point of the Buy warrant. The main role is played in this case by a horizontal line - result of operation of the TRO_InsideBar_Plot2 indicator. You then need to install a Buy Stop warrant responding to a line breakdown, above the green line by one point, then determine the levels of teak profite and protective foot that were recommended.

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