Forex Profit Boost LED

A very good trend indicator that is used by traders and has some success.




The indicator is trending and helps to more accurately determine the direction of market movement. Operation of this indicator is based on two moving averages with different calculation period and Bollinger bands.




Thanks to these tools, a histogram is applied to the graph, which has different colors at different periods of the market. So, for example, if the market is up, the histogram will be blue. If the market moves down, the histogram becomes red. Yellow performs the same role here as in Forex traffic light - signals a change in trend or the beginning of correction.




Therefore, as it is easy to guess, the signal for purchase will be a change of color from red to blue. For more conservative traders, I advise you to wait for the yellow histogram to "fade," which will suggest that the new trend has fully and truly formed.




Forex profit boost purchase




It will be the same for sale, exactly the other way around.




Forex profit boost sales indicator




Since this indicator is trending, trading only with its help is very risky, so the best option will be to combine it with an oscillator such as a stochastic or instant, as well as to apply levels of resistance and support.

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