Forex Master Method Strategy

Forex Master Method is a universal strategy forex trading designed for any currency pair.


Its founder is Russ Horn, which offers to purchase a software package with application instructions and a promotional video on its website for $1000. The main characteristics of this forex trade system are efficiency and ease of application. The trader is required to learn how to determine divergence and understand its types, which are the basis of signals for market inputs. The strategy forex trading of Forex Master Method is developed for the MT4 terminal - in a package of the offered programs there is an adviser Forex, a set of indicators and templates which need to be established in the Metatrader.


Regarding divergence, Horn identifies the following options:


Bullish - it signals the cancellation of the bullish trend and is indicated in the figure by the red line.

Hidden bull divergence signals the continuation and strengthening of the bull trend, indicated in the figure by the orange line.

Bearish - means changing the bearish trend, marked blue.

Hidden bear divergence signals continuation and strengthening of the current trend, indicated by turquoise color.

Extended divergence, as well as hidden, means increasing the trend - there is no in the figure.

All bear divergence advisor marks over the chart price and indicator, whereas for bull lines are located under the charts.


How to trade according to Forex Master Method strategy?

According to the recommendation of the author of the trading system, the optimal time frame for work is large time intervals of not less than H1. This is due to the cutting off of random price fluctuations - on smaller timeframes the impact of price fluctuations is seriously increasing. As for the recommended currency pairs, once EUR/USD notes, USD/JPY and GBP/USD - them should be chosen during the work on H1. If the working time interval is larger, you can choose other currency pairs, the main thing is that they are mobile and volatile.


Entry points

The signal to enter the market at Sell in Forex Master Method is as follows:


Councillor TradeLocator indicates bearish divergence, with one or both of the indicators at once (Stoch and the MACD indicator) also giving an input signal.

MACD - A fast moving average crossed a slow moving top-down.

Stoch - Stochastic indicator crossed the signal line from top to bottom.

The Buy warrant is opened under the following conditions:


TradeLocator draws bullish divergence on the chart, with one or both of the indicators at once (Stoch and MACD) also giving an input signal.

MACD - A fast moving average crossed a slow moving bottom-up.

Stoch - stochastic indicator crossed the signal line from bottom to top.

SL and TP for Forex Master Method

When entering the market it is necessary to determine the levels of stop loss and teak profit:


Take Pfit must be installed according to the levels of Fibo, lines of support and resistance. Better capture profits in small parts by taking advantage of the trailer foot and dragging it as needed

Stop loss in Forex Master Method is recommended to be set by diverging a certain number of points from the previous minimum or maximum, in particular, for timeframe H1 the value of such indentation will be equal to 10-20 points, for larger tamframes it will be necessary to retreat even further. In any case, you should not enter the deal if the stop loss exceeds 70-80 points. The setting of SL takes into account not only the time frame, but also other important factors from the volatility of the currency pair to the current spread.



Like any other Forex Master Method strategy does not yield 100% profitable deals, but overall it shows good results. To increase the efficiency of inputs, you can look at a larger time frame: if the signals contradict each other, the system developer recommends to focus on the signal from a larger time interval of trade. In such cases, it is worth refraining from entering or leaving the market at all and waiting for the situation to develop further.


At the moment Forex Master Method strategy is considered one of the best, it is repeatedly tested and shows good results on real accounts.

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