Forex indicators without redrawing

Indicators of technical analysis allow to obtain a good trade result, but at the same time have a certain disadvantage - have the property of redrawing, which is confusing. This sometimes has a negative impact on trade outcomes.


In order to ensure that the status of your account does not threaten anything, we have developed a special interactive guide to the scalping indication system, which does not re-draw the signal. Thanks to it you will use this type of trade significantly more efficiently, steadily increasing your deposit.


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If you are interested in Forex market, surely you have already heard about indicators without redrawing. The name itself suggests that by forming its meaning on the chart, the adviser Forex will no longer change it. Forex indicators themselves can be divided into two groups without redrawing:


for a skalping;

for day trade.



Day trading on senior timeframes is linked to the need for a long wait for bid results. Scalping strategy on Forex involves opening deals at small time intervals, but therefore the profit decreases and the number of open deals increases proportionally.




Using indicators without redrawing, you can analyze past price behavior data that will no longer change. It would be much more difficult to make a decision when you analyzed the events, opened a position, and here Forex indicator changes its readings. But you can 't call the broker and say - my indicator changed color, cancel my deal please. The answer will be simple - use indicators without redrawing.


Today we 're going to be talking about assistants in a flimsy scalper job designed for little timeframes. Of the many, we chose the most popular Forex indicators among traders without redrawing:


Trend Strike;

Trend Focus;


Trend master;




Using indicators for scalping without redrawing, you are confident that the adopted trade decision based on the received signal will not change its relevance due to the change of opinion of the indicator. This property is especially relevant when working on small timeframes. On short segments, events change so quickly that it is not possible to analyze one event or data several times. The indicators we select for analysis use the direction of the trend line. This is seen not only by their name, but also in the way the information is displayed.




Having indicated the direction of the trend, Forex indicators without redrawing show signals for entering the market. Each of the above has its own way of displaying information, however, combines their work with the trend.




Forex 's strategy without redrawing, using indicators such as Trend Strike, Trend Focus, Trend master, gives you confidence in the trend. The direction of market movement is the basis for making a decision on entering the market.




Trend Master is best suited to run at intervals of М5 - М15, it can be used on any currency pairs. It delivers a large number of signals, most of which are capable of making a small profit. The band, depending on the direction of the trend, is located either under the graph when the trend is growing, having a blue color, or above the Forex graph when the course falls and the color changes to red. Arrows indicate the entry positions. Like other indicators without redrawing, Trend Master suggests working towards a trend rather than against it. The task of Forex Trader is to analyze the arrows that have appeared and to filter out false signals.


Trend Focus is well suited for scalping over the М15 range. This assistant is a curve line similar to the moving average indicator. The color of the line changes depending on the direction of the trend, and at the moment of change the arrow is sent to open the deal. Trend Focus is one of the best and most interesting tools for working on small time segments.


Trend Strike is similar to previous Forex indicators without redrawing on the principle of operation, but differs in the way information is displayed. On the price chart, we see a histogram in the form of lines falling down from each candle. The indicator does not send trade signals, but invites the trader to open deals based on the displayed trend. Of course, by the color of the candle we can determine the current trend, but the indicator sifts out price fluctuations, and then, by the color of the histogram, indicates the vector of the movement of change in the value of the currency.




Xcode is a classic trend assistant. If there is a pronounced trend in the market, draws steps of red or blue above the price chart (depending on the direction of the trend). Trade signals are sent by the inscriptions Sell and Buy. As always, a lot of effort from you will not be required, only to watch the market, choosing the right signals. I would like to note that at the onset of a side trend, this adviser is able to deliver no few problems, sending false signals on each High and Low.




Forex 's strategy without redrawing based on Fisher 's indicator seems interesting. This is the only indicator that has redrawn the analysis results in earlier releases. It is suitable for all currencies, but when scalping it is better to choose a М15 period. The appearance is a red and green histogram, very similar to the MACD indicator. The principles of construction are similar: color indicates the direction of the trend, and the distance of the histogram from the zero line indicates the strength of the trend. Takes into account Forex divergence rules. The trade signal is considered to be the intersection of the zero elevation histogram in any direction.




Indicators for scalping without redrawing are able to deliver a large number of trade signals of sufficiently high quality, the main thing is that the profitable ones are more than loss-making.




Using the phrase in the name of their product - indicators without redrawing, developers shun. Not all indicators existing in the market today are prone to redrawing and changing their signals. This is mainly typical of old, poorly thought-out trader instruments. It 's more a marketing move to attract attention than a distinctive dignity. It is the same as if car sellers claim that their car can drive, but it is already assumed from the beginning.


All the indicators we have considered for scalping without redrawing send clear trade signals based on the current trend, and the change in trend is determined after its completion, without changing its appearance. The question is rather that the trend may be short-term and long-term. For the trend to change, you need a confirmation combination of a number of Japanese candles - from 3 to 5. But since scalpers work on small timeframes, respectively, and the trend changes much more often.




Forex indicators show good results without redrawing when working in a command. We propose to combine at least three of the advisers considered into a single trading system. Entering the market is worth only when all the tools used for analysis will send a trade signal. This will help to filter out false signals and improve the quality of transactions.

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