Currency Arbitration - All Trader Dreams in One Bottle

Each trader wants a forex trading strategy that will allow him to earn very quickly and safely. Today I want to tell you about the forex trading strategy "Pipsovka" - short-term trade, in which the trader should "catch" even the smallest fluctuations in the market.


The Empire strategy is one of the brightest representatives of the "past" generation. However, despite constant changes in the currency market, this strategy is still one of the most effective. Why? You will learn about this in this tutorial.


Many of you will say that technical analysis indicators are indispensable assistants to each trader. Yes, to some extent it is, but it is their presence that tends to make the forex trading strategy "obsolete" over time.


How does it occur? The indicators themselves work according to the principles laid down in them, so they may become obsolete over time. What ends up with? The principles of the strategy remain working, but you will no longer be able to profit because the indicators work on the basis of old rules.


The above can be confirmed by the Empire strategy, a strategy based on working without indicators. How do I work with her? Use pure Forex statistics! It is not necessary to rely on the readings of robots, indicators and other - you take "your own" information, on the basis of which trade is built.


Yes, Pipsovka is a really risky forex trading strategy, but correct adherence to Forex 's rules and psychology ensures that all risks are minimized.


However, the erroneous opinion is believed that novice traders constantly drain deposits using "Pipska." Today I will show you how to trade on it correctly to always see only "plus" in your trading terminal.


The essence of the strategy itself is that the trader makes many quick deals, receiving a small amount of profit from each, bringing a large profit.


Hello, traders! forex trading strategy continues to tell you about the way of trading in the market - option analysis. This time we will talk about analysis of Forex market based on option volumes.


Option analysis is an additional technique by which Forex market and many commodity markets are analyzed. Options refer to a market derivative instrument on a basic asset that gives the right, but does not oblige the investor to perform it at the time the option expires.


In the training guide, we will consider an option analysis based on Chicago Commodity Exchange reports/bulletins, which are published daily after the end of the U.S. trading session.


Of course, the option analysis for trading on Forex is fundamentally different from that already familiar to all traders of technical analysis.

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