Binary options: How do I close three months plus?

As you all know, binary options are one of The most effective ways to earn money. But, as a rule, many people make a large number of mistakes, which negatively affects the results. Today I will show You how to close three months plus by completing group training at the Forex Academy.

My name is Evgeny Kachalov, I am a trader-analyst of the AcademyFX project. As a rule, many people doubt whether it is worth going to training. Today I want to dispel all doubts and tell You what results You can achieve after group training in Binary options at our Academy. Are you ready? Let's get started!

My student's name is Fyodor. He came to my training at the end of August this year and, I remember, he was even a little skeptical about the material that I outlined in 5 classes. But what happened? He started telling me about his results.

I received my first message from him on October 5.

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"Good afternoon, I checked the history of the BB Strategy on the M30, when the Candle goes beyond the bolinger 2 candles and the RSI in entered the 30/70 zone, you can take and even if the minus came out, you can take the next step (only one), but so that there is no news during the expiration. The percentage of profit overrides losses, These are currency majors."

He sent me his detailed report on November 1. The person did a lot of analysis of the strategy and added some rules to it.

"Eugene, good afternoon, I'm putting up the result for October. Yesterday I conducted an analysis on the BB status on the M30. Considered 14 currencies trading time from 8 to 22.00. This is for October.

Total transactions-123

Closed at step 1-60
at step 2-31
at step 3-20
step 4 - 5
for 5 or more - 7
on USDCHF it was up to 8 steps, on gold it was up to 11 steps

The percentage of profit from 123 transactions from 2 steps - 74%, from 3 steps-90%. If the Deposit allows you to keep 3 steps within 10 % , it is quite possible to increase the number of steps.

Total for October, I raised 1 broker 11000 rubles-43% of the Deposit, 2 broker 8500 rubles-59%.

Immediately say this analysis signals which were, I of course not all took and did not more 2 steps

I'll take it, thank you."

Pay attention to its results!

The last message came just recently. The next month in plus is closed. Trading took place on three accounts. By the way, our broker-partner NBC held a competition for the best result for the month. Fedor took the 3rd place there – 65% of the profit.

Next, I attach his message.

"I traded strictly on BB signals. for this broker, the smallest percentage, the platform is new and as it was strange because of the competition, for other brokers 113% and 83%. entrances only on M30, always do 2 step - so more plus deals, on 3 step went only on 2 brokers there depot more, more steps did not do. At the first step, I do not enter immediately and wait for the price to pass a little more, so that the doji candle does not run into it, very often it became present. Prinovostyakh large enter after 2 signals BB I so vpisyvayus in 3 step. I double-check alut pairs every 2 weeks, if the presence of more than 3 steps 60% of it is removed from the list. Entrances in day not many from 2 until 4 - ' s, were days without togov, but without signal BB voovsche not enter.

slowly but surely in +, the third month in a row."

The word "slow" smiled. Think about it, about 80% a month-and Fyodor calls it slow. I believe that this is a super result. What do You think?

I really thought for a long time whether it is worth putting his messages in free access, since here, in fact, the trading strategy is fully described, which brings a stable and high result.

In the screenshots, you will see more detailed results of Fedor.

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2 3cb12

Do you want to analyze this strategy in more detail? Learn how to make money on Binary options? Then rather watch the recording of the open broadcast, which took place on December 8 on our Youtube channel!

Or maybe you are ready to immediately achieve the same results as Fyodor? Do you want to start closing every month exclusively in plus, steadily doubling your Deposit? Agree, it sounds really cool. And the results of Fyodor, who was trained here, show that every student can achieve this! You only need to make an effort.

There is only one question: Why does Fyodor show such results, and not You? After all, as I said above, everyone can achieve this! Stop wasting your time! Rather, sign up for the special course "binary options", where I will make You a real professional! I will teach you how to earn money – I will only need 5 classes to do this! And in two weeks you will significantly increase your Deposit!

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