8 Sure ways to drain your Deposit!


1. make Sure that you don't have a trading system

In any case, do not use the trading system, it will greatly lengthen the life of Your Deposit. You need to enter anywhere. We looked at the chart, it seemed that the market is growing-buy, down-sell. Even the worst trading systems will extend the life of Your Deposit. Friends, no trading systems!


2. Do not follow the rules of the trading system

But if You have a trading system, don't follow its rules. No way! The system is the system, and You are on your own. The system says open – don't open, the system says close – hold the position, the system says something else-don't do anything. If you want to merge, don't follow the system's rules.


3. No study

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The third factor is very important. You don't need to learn, read, analyze, or draw conclusions. Especially paid courses do not think to buy, especially do not go to coaching to any traders there, to me, for example, and my like, in any case do not do this. Go to the website of the dealing center, where they have clear instructions on how to download the terminal, how to top up your account, how to open an order. Three steps. Entered. Downloaded. Opened a warrant. And go! You don't need the rest. If you study, and God forbid you get to me for individual coaching, you will never merge at all! So you want to merge as quickly as possible – no training!


4. No money management strategies

If you start to enter with small risks, it becomes difficult to merge, well, it's unreal easy! When you start to manage your capital correctly and comply with risk management, it becomes too difficult to lose your Deposit. Therefore, this is not suitable for us, and we do not use this option in any case.


5. Try to close every transaction in a plus

Be sure to use psychological problems. Friends, remember: if you want to merge, try to work so that you close every transaction in a plus. Absolutely every transaction must be closed in plus! Experienced traders know that without a loss there is no profit and stop – this is an integral part of trading and without it you will not earn. But it doesn't suit us. Only every transaction is a plus. Otherwise we won't merge.


6. No stop losses

This is a very important point. No stop losses! Stop – this is all such nonsense! It limits losses so much, it extends the life of the Deposit so much! No stop losses, this is strictly prohibited. In our system, which is designed to drain – this is taboo.


7. rely on emotions More often

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Here You are in a good mood, look at the chart-entered, and here you need to turn around-turned around, here to close – closed. Plenty of emotion. Emotion is very good, because it allows you to quickly drain the entire Deposit. When a person is not emotional, when he is able to concentrate on the issue, on his goal and task, when he can withdraw from emotions, it is very difficult for him to merge. It simply follows the systems, competently trains, performs risk management, puts stops, and increases the Deposit constantly. This does not suit us, my friends. To merge, we must be controlled by emotions.


8. Refer funds to pros in DC

And the last method is already for those who none of the above has helped in any way. This is like a control shot in the head for Your Deposit. Better write it down somewhere and keep it always in front of your eyes. You take your money (and preferably more) and go to some dealing center. Tell them that You do not know how to trade yourself, but you want to rely on an authority, a professional trader. And then Your Deposit is guaranteed to merge! Sometimes I think that such professionals are even specially prepared somewhere. Sometimes, you will hear such stories, as they are thousands, ten thousand, one hundred thousand accounts are merged in the shortest possible time. This is already a guaranteed way!


Otherwise, if you want, my friends, to go the OPPOSITE way, the way of all successful traders, then come to us for a special course "Forex without risk".


During classes, I will consider in detail:

Every problem of all novice traders and those traders who can not reach a stable profit.
It will be given and shown on examples of the working trading system of the world-famous successful trader A. Elder.
Capital management system and risk management.
Psychology of successful trading.
Let's touch on the methodology of independent learning.
We will analyze questions that you do not understand and much more.
We will provide materials for self-training, such as the Ichimoku indicator and other strategies and advisors.

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