60 second forex trading strategy for binary options

It is one of the simplest trading systems that has ever existed. Its basis is a trading channel, within which a trader can make several profitable deals. This forex trading strategy  does not involve any technical analysis indicators. All the information the trader needs is already on the chart.


There is one essential caveat, though. Working with this system, you will have to be patient, as channels appear on the chart not every minute. It is possible that it will be possible to open one or two deals a day, and maybe even less often.


On the other hand, the trader 's expectations will be rewarded. If the channel is built properly, it will give several strong signals that will help to achieve a positive result. At the same time, there is a special tool for building such a channel in any advanced terminal.



Description of forex trading strategy



At the heart of this trading system is the building of a channel. As we have noted above, it is not so difficult to do this thanks to the special graphical tool that is present in most Forex trading platforms (at least it is even in the live graphics for binary options from TradingView).


Channels are both inclined and horizontal. But that 's not the most important thing. The main thing to pay attention to is the repeatability of actions within the range. Reaching a certain level, the price can bounce back from it, and head in the opposite direction to the second boundary of the canal. This may continue for some time until one of the faces of the range is broken.


After the trader built the canal, working with this system is really very easy. But its small disadvantage is precisely that in the end, the price will come out of the channel and the trader will need additional tools to understand when exactly that will happen.


Now let 's turn to the schedule. On it we have already struck one trading range. As you can see, it has an inclined character, but this will not prevent us from working on this trading system. Such a channel allows to earn both on binary options for promotion and on options for reduction.


The first two touches must be missed, as a channel will be built on them. And the next ones can already be used for work.




We looked at a fairly simple and interesting trading system based on channels. It has both its advantages and disadvantages, but in general, is ideal for working beginners and experienced traders. A similar system that you might like is based on pinbars.


The popularity of short-term binary options with an expiratory period of 60 seconds does not stop growing. This is primarily due to the fact that traders can expect to profit in a relatively short time. Despite the fact that this type of trade carries sufficiently high risks, many beginners no longer think about their trade without such options.


Description of forex trading strategy


The essence of the trading system is quite simple - Forex indicator reflects moments when the price is too "overbooked" or too "resold." In fact, the trader is asked to work for a trend reversal as part of a correction or global reversal.


Given that working with 60 seconds contracts requires maximum concentration and rapid decision-making, the Relative Strength Index indicator is as appropriate for analysis as possible. This tool allows to obtain sufficiently accurate signals, at the same time does not require significant attention to itself.

The algorithm consists of just one curve that ranges from 0 to 100. He has two areas that will interest us in receiving signals. In principle, it is ideal for short-term contracts.

In addition, RSI itself is a very reliable tool of technical analysis. It produces quite a large number of reliable signals and is rarely mistaken (unless its settings are made too sensitive).




We have introduced a fairly simple trading system offering plenty of opportunities for binary option traders who prefer short-term trading. Does she have flaws? Everything depends on the settings of the indicator. The more sensitive they will be, the more false signals will appear on the chart. We also offer you a more advanced forex trading strategy of earning on binary options 60 seconds with two indicators.

Therefore, the popularity of various types of trading systems is also growing, which will help to receive more accurate signals in working with such contracts. Today, there are both simpler methods and too complex, which are already difficult to use in working with 60 seconds unacceptable.


We want to offer our simple but effective view of working with such contracts. It consists of using one of the most popular oscillators, the Relative Strength Index.

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